Almost Otaku: Who is Anime's #1 Character?

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 5, 2010. Last post by bbally81 2 years, 11 months ago.
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 Spike Spiegel is my personal favorite
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Pegasus Seiya cause hes a badass
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I agree that it belongs to Goku but I still think it's imperative that we all give Astro Boy some mad respect!
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Astro Boy might be a generational thing, but DBZ is too terrible a show for Goku to even matter in this discussion. I'd probably go with Pikachu either way.
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Hmm... Pikachu and Goku are both to me the 2 best anime characters (known by all and respected among the community), but I will go with Pikachu. That darn pokemon and his 150 friends got me hooked on the Pokemon franchise in the 1990's and took me along for one wild ride (bought every game from Red/Blue/Yellow to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald while watching EVERY episode of the anime from 1997 to 2001).

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I think Goku or Astro Boy or Pikachu are easily going to be the most iconic and recognizable anime characters, even my parents know who PIKACHU is!
But the best? That's another discussion altogether.
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some, i think are really good! 
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Hell no Kai aint doing a good job. It leaves out so much.
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dude DBZ can't be bad when in fact one time it was the number show on tv back in the early 2000's
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The number one iconic character would have to be Rei ayanami,,no other character could be the face of anime. 

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Seeing as how they're in the middle of airing DBZ Kai on Nicktoons one could argue it's staying relevant.
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@macker33 said:

The number one iconic character would have to be Rei ayanami,,no other character could be the face of anime.

I agree with you, but Miku's climbing the ranks I should think...

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Most tend to the point the finger at DBZ's Goku, due the fact they share a similar background (born on a distant planet, sent to earth as an infant, home planet destroyed, raised on earth, grew to become protector of Earth), however Goku has a more child like personality and apart from his fighting smarts, isn't exactly the brightest character in the world but he has a likable upbeat personality. Still he tended to kill his opponents (not a prefarable action but most of the time he had no choice) Possibly more comparable to Golden Age Superman.

Next on the list is live action hero, Ultraman, another character who recieved the title of Japanese Superman from fans. He came from another galaxy far away from Earth, has a secret identity as a form of a human who was close to death, therefore forming with the human makes like a lifeforce for his host however some Ultra heroes merely created their own human bodies to take cover as and when monsters go on rampage the human form transforms to Ultraman due to a certain object. However like Goku, every Ultraman (apart from Cosmos) tend to kill the monsters. Again more comparable to Golden Age Superman (and Captain Marvel, being a transforming hero and all)

However in my opinion, Japan's true answer to Superman is Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, while not as powerfu (plus the fact Astro isn't an alien, but an A.I and he has no secret identity) he can be comparable to Superman for several reasons. While Superman is seen as the grandaddy of comic book superheroes who set the standards that others would follow despite not being the first comic book hero, Astro is seen as the one who set the standards for other manga titles to follow despite not being Japan's first superhero. When Sups had the Flecther shorts that set the standards for animated superhero films, Astro's 60's anime was the first anime to have a more continuous formula (with 2 parters and such). Therefore in terms of importance in their own countries, they share a similar influence.

Like Superman, Astro tries to avoid killing his enemies, he usually stops robots from killing humans or destorying eachother. He is optimistic and kind hearted. Like Sups, Astro can be seen as more universal comic character due to Tezuka's anti-war sentiments. Although in the short manga series "Ambassador Atom" where Astro made his debut, he showed his more violent side near the end when he found the Earthlings decision to attack an innocent alien race, illogical (he didn't kill anybody but still), since this was his first appearance, this version could be comparable to the more violent Golden Age Superman. In that short manga, Astro would sport a more traditional superhero attire (cape included), of course none of that made it, when he got his own manga title although he still wore his red boots.

Unfortunatly like Superman, Astro has been a target of criticism by cynical fans who saw him as too moral, boring and bland therefore prefering more darker, loudmouth or cynical manga heroes, which was trully evidented in the 70's when more cynical, deliquent like manga heroes were big sellers and Tezuka was forced by his publishers to make Astroboy less moral which ironically caused sales to drop, therefore gave Tezuka the chance to make Astro the way he was again (many chapters of that era of Astro was mostly ommited from the manga's US release except for a few).

A nice little trivia for you all, Tezuka was also a big Superman fan and was made honorary chairman of the Superman Fanclub in Japan during the release of the Donner/Christopher Reeve Superman film in Japan.

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