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Astro Boy is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 3 anime series, 2 manga series
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Astro Boy

Astro Boy was created by Osamu Tezuka, the "Father of Manga". As the story goes, Astro Boy is a child robot made by Dr. Tenma to replace his dead son. Instead, he becomes the greatest superhero.


A Character from the 2009 Astro Boy Film.


A female robot with the ability to alter the weather. She cares deeply for the environment and all lifeforms.


An Australian made robot. He has a humanoid appearance, and despite his power, is a pacifist.


A robot detective who is looking into the first murder case in eight years.

Inspector Tawashi

Police Inspector Tawashi (a.k.a. Inspector Gumshoe)is the head police officer in the astro boy universe.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc was a robot who acted as a Swiss mountain guide in the manga Pluto. His death is one of the catalysts for the mystery in the first volume.

North No. 2

North No. 2 is an ex-military robot who served in the Central Asian War in the manga Pluto. He now works as butler to the musician Paul Duncan.


One of the greatest robot masters, and maybe even more advanced than Atom. His identity is a mystery.

Professor Ochanomizu

Head of the Ochanomizu Research Lab. Going to the circus one day, he saw a robot named "Astro" and knew there was something special about him.

Shunsaku Ban

Shunsaku Ban is a manga character known principally from the series Astro Boy. Best know as Wally Kisagiri from the 2003 Remake of Astro Boy.

Umataro Tenma

The creator/father of Astro Boy.


Uran is is Astro Boys cybernetic sister she's a superhuman android with a naive, tomboyish personality.Constructed by Dr. Elefun as a "gift" for Astro.

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