CCI09: Astro Boy Semi-Liveblog

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Samuel L. Jackson has a cameo in Astro Boy! I didn't catch the name of the character but I'll update here as soon as I can with that info.


Directer David Bower, producer Maryann Garger, Astro Boy voice actor Freddie Hihgmore, and Cora voice actor Kristen Bell are here to celebrate the upcoming film release.

Bower talks a bit about creating a new film with a retro character, and how he stuck fairly close to the origin of the character. Freddie Highmore gets to jump in on modernizing Astro Boy, saying that it was easier than people might think because he's a character we can all identify with-- a human in a robot body, trying to fit in.

Kristen Bell talks about doing voice-overs-- this is her first cartoon voice-over (she does the voice-over narration of Gossip Girl). She thinks there's more work in live-action because you're on set all day, at the beck and call of the camera. With a cartoon you see so much that you aren't involved with, all the visuals and whatnot-- it's neat to be a bystander and see it all come to life, she says.

Moving on to Garger, talking about casting: obviously they wanted the best actors in the role, and everyone they asked said yes, so they feel fortunate. And of course they have Nathan Lane, Nic Cage, Eugene Levy and many others.  There's also a special cameo: Samuel L. Jackson! That's a new announcement.
We're sitting through some really fun clips now. Astro Boy just realized that he has machine guns in his butt. <3 
That's pretty much it besides a Q&A, which opened with a question about Kristen Bell wanting to do movies in Detroit. We also hear that there are some definite "Easter eggs" for fans of the manga, including a character voiced by Macoto Tezuka, son of Osamu. Hmm!...
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"I've got machine guns... in my butt!?!?"
Other than that this movie actually looks really cool.
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@John_Martone: Yeah, I'm impressed. Especially since I'm not really a Kristen Bell fan.
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