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Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.


The main protagnist of the Hellsing series. Alucard is really count Dracula who was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing before the series start. He became the Hellsing Organizations weapon against the undead and is truly the most powerful vampire in existence.


Sickly SWA Cyborg. Has the most trouble with her battles, but despite that, she's very cool.

Anna Williams

Sister and nemesis of Nina Williams.

Aoi Futaba

Aoi Futaba was member of the Immigration Bureau of Japan but was kicked out after saving Elis and Kio, the targets she was supposed to kill.

Assassin (Zero)

The Servant of Kirei Kotomine during the 4th Holy Grail War. Assassin has the unique ability to manifest as multiple entities at once.

Ayame Sarutobi

A ninja of the Oniwabanshuu who also works as an assassin. She is obsessed with natto, S&M themes and Gintoki to the point of stalking him.


A Ninja Digmon that was a member of the Bagura Army. Baalmon is really a double agent trying to find the one who destroyed his clan. After being nearly destroyed his Clan's Goddess revived him as Beelzebumon and became a official member of Xros Heart.

Baby 5

Baby 5 is a member of Don Quixote Family who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit.

Bando Eiji

a character from Gunmania by Kouta Hirano He is a gunman who has mental problems


A assassin from space who was responsible for freeing Golden Darkness from her creators.

Black Star

Black Star is one of the main characters of Soul Eater. He is student as Shibusen, and uses the demonic ninja weapon Tsubaki.

Blue Breaker

Known as STW-9000 is an infamous auto-enforcer created by The Third. Blue Breaker has a complex AI system and a fighting prowess far beyond normal auto-enforcers.

Bobby Funk

Bobby Funk is the younger brother of the assassin team The Funk Brothers.


Formerly an elite soldier of the empire, Braht defected and joined the rebel assassin team Night Raid. He uses the Teigu "Incursio."

Cal Devens

The child that takes solace in Zwei in an arc of "Phantom". In another later arc, she becomes Drei, the third Phantom.

Cammy White

the second female character introduced in street fighter


An assassin who specialises in disguise. A later addition to Night Raid.


A assassin of the Black Organization who is a skilled sniper and is the partner of Korn.


A mysterious young girl who works for Altena.


One of the main characters of Lunar Legend Tsukihime.


The Only SWA Cyborg Not in Combat

Claire Stanfield

The Gandor family's personal assassin. Also called as Vino (the wine's name in Latin) for the bloody mess he leaves behind.

Claudia McCunnen

Member of Inferno. She has a hidden agenda that's against scythe master for some reason.

Combustion Man

Combustion Man is a firebending assassin who Prince Zuko hired to hunt down and kill Aang.

Daz Bones

Daz Bones is Crocodile's most trusted agent in Baroque Works. Once an infamous assassin from West Blue. He ate the Supa-Supa Fruit.


Deadshot is a top bid hired Assassin. He appeared in the Anime Batman Movie.

Death Metal

No. 10 in NMH1 and a middle aged Brit living in a mansion at Santa Destroy.


The main villain of Teen Titans, never actually called Deathstroke in the anime, but rather just by his first name Slade.

Doctor Shamal

A womanizing doctor who hates having to treat men. He is also an assassin for the Vongola family who uses disease carrying mosquitoes to attack.

Dr. Peace

No. 9 in NMH1 and an gunslinging weapons smuggler. His name could be a pun for the word "piece", which is a slang term for "handgun".

Dr. Schneider

He is a fictional assassin in Rave Master.

Duke Togo

The World's Number 1 Assassin that professionally goes by the name Golgo 13. Known for his ice cold stare, skill with guns, and his ability to satisfy women, he is the single most competent man on the Earth.


Supporting character for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and Phantom of Inferno

Elsa DeSica

Elsa is a cyborg from the Gunslinger Girl series. She works at the Social Welfare Agency as a covert assassin for the Italian government. Unlike the other girls, she doesn't get along with anyone and keeps to herself and her handler.

Emily Redhands

Emily Redhands is a child assassin who specializes in knives.

Emiya Kiritsugu

He was the victor of the 4th Holy Grail War. When it ended he adopted Shirou from wreckage of the war.


Erigor was the former Guild Master of the Dark Guild, Eisenwald. He attained the nickname "Death God Erigor" through his guild only taking on assassination requests.


A member of the assassins guild Trinity Raven. With odd owl like features he claims to be a fighter for justice and can swallow his opponents to replicate their powers.


G is a female assassin and a character from the Galaxy Express 999 series.

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.

Helter Skelter

He was No.11 in the previous action of NMH1.


The newest addition to the SWA.

Hoppered the Gauntlet

Hoppered the Gauntlet is a member of the group the Gung Ho Guns. He is a deformed man who uses a top as a weapon.


A crazy young boy killing yakuzas


A member of the Trinity Raven, Death's Head Caucus. Ikaruga is the squad captain of the assassin group and is skilled in using a katana.

Irina Jelavic

Jelavic is a professional hit-man, she was hire to charm and kill Koro-sensei, she also a foreign language teacher


One of the original Lovely Angels who now goes by the name of Lady Flair. Iris now leads the life of an assassin-for-hire.


Irma the Assassin of Fang

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