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Sometimes, anime fandom’s tastes leave me utterly befuddled. This is one of the most anticipated shows this season? Certainly, it isn’t as awful as HETALIA, but it’s definitely on the curve. I can only hope that doing an image search on “classroom assassination” hasn’t put me on any FBI alert lists…

Invoking Walpaw’s Law was so solidly due, this time. The opening scene here was so mind-melting stupid, there was no way it was going to get better. Maybe it was just the premise. Or maybe it was the strange way our gooey yellow mascot’s hands/tentacles tended to look like the kind of cock ‘n balls the weird kid in reading class would draw all over the back leaf of his composition notebook. This felt like what you’d get if you watched BATTLE ROYALE with a stick of Elmer’s glue crammed up your nose.

There are plenty of wonderfully bizarre shows that weave weirdness together with a surrealist’s touch. And then there are shows like this. Just keep pulling details out of the cornhole. Hope one of them will shock you. These kids… their teacher’s a smiley face octopus! And they’ve got to kill him! With automatic weapons!!! And he blew up the moon! Please be freaked out by how strange we are!

Yeah, I’m not wasting any more time thinking about this goopy run-off. Next, please!

Watch this pilot and decide for yourself.

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The OVA did so much better than this. An its popularity helped get this series which ignored what people liked from the OVA it seems to me. So far this wins the let down award for the pilots this season for me.

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Man that is to bad ... I really was hoping this show was going to be good. So are you doing funimation's ones to? If so I can't WAIT until you get to the bears eating human show ... now THAT is weird.

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I didn't watch the episode yet, but I was looking forward to seeing this pilot when HULU has it or not.

Hopefully, it's manageable.

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I haven't watched this yet but it would be a disappointment if it didn't live up to expectations; i stopped reading the manga two years ago but i was hoping to pick up the story through the anime.

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Yep, totally called it; I knew this won't be good.

I'm UTD on the manga and it's good so far, but I had a feeling that I won't be able to say the same for the anime series, I even said that the OVA might have turned out good due to the series being fairly new at the time so they put in some effort into making it.

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I find the show to be pretty enjoyable. It one where you'll need to accept it idea inorder to enjoy it.

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Damn, I can't watch it yet. I guess, I'll wait until Hulu get it or FUNimation put it on there Youtube channel.

Anyway, I like bizarre, I read a few chapters of Assassination Classroom. It was a pretty fun read in short burst, not should how the Anime will deal with it. I think it would be better if it was five minutes episodes.


They having variety, not just catering to one audience.

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I didn't think this show was one of the highly anticipated shows. That right belongs to Durararax2 and Tokyo Ghouls Root A. Finally watched the show. It wasn't bad. It was rushed without much explanation or enough world building for folks to care for the characters.

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I dont get how you mess up an already very good manga when all you have to do is animate it .

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