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Asian Risshiden no Shima Kousaku is an anime series
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Telling a Story of a Journey Delivers with Mushi-shi Reviewed by Dream on May 1, 2009. Dream has written 152 reviews. His/her last review was for Golden Time. 313 out of 328 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Mushi-shi is an anime title that is quite serene and laid-back with its storytelling approach. For the most part, the show is an episodic series centered on Ginko's encounters with people who each have their own conflicts with the forms of mysterious life known as Mushi. Each episode provides a sense of how each person lived their lives before and during the times they are affected by Mushi. Ginko is then given the task of solving whatever problem that the Mushi is giving. With exception to Ginko's appearance, everyone he encounters live in a feudal Japan lifestyle so attitudes and ways of basic living are accurate to the time period. Different themes regarding the presence of the Mushi introduce lessons in each episode which involve themes such as acceptance, loss, sacrifice, guilt, and survival.

In addition, there are no fast-moving and intense elements such as action, violence, and comedy. This anime encourages you to just sit back and enjoy the stories being told. The stories even have different outcomes. Some are able to end happily thanks to Ginko's knowledge of the Mushi causing problems. Others end tragically as there is only so much that Ginko can do to help those who are suffering. A couple even provide depth on Ginko's past and reveal what led him to become a Mushi-shi.

In terms of visuals, the artwork provides plenty of realistic settings of nature that make you just want to admire the environment of the series. Many episodes feature some impressively animated scenes of the Mushi in action as Ginko and others deal with them. The only blemish in the visuals for me were the plain-looking character designs.

I did enjoy the soundtrack to this series as it did well to accompany the serene and dramatic moments in Mushi-shi. The mellow OP delighted me quite a bit and really stood out with its perfectly-sung English. The insert musical selections, while brief, do well to accompany the different changes in mood that occur throughout episodes with their subdued and traditional sounds.

But be warned that Mushi-shi can be an acquired taste for some viewers. If you crave action and/ or ongoing character and plot development with your anime, then you might not enjoy this series to its fullest. There is barely any plot from earlier episodes carried over to the next one and with exception to Ginko, only a few other characters appear in more than one episode. In addition, most episodes are pretty much a "mushi of the day" scenario which Mushi-shi strongly relies upon to create its stories.

If you can handle anime titles that stand out from the norm, then you should be able to enjoy Mushi-shi. With its mellow storyline, serene visuals, and gentle music, this is an anime title that you can sit back and admire when you are in the mood to break away from more manic and insane titles.
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