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Ash's Pikachu is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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Hiya everyone! After doing the Which Shonen Series has the Most Damsels in Distress?, I got to do it for the opposite sex. Instead of Shonen shows, I made it broad. Please enjoy this list. I tried not to put too many spoilers.

Dudes in Distress

Just to balance the Damsel in Distress lists.

1. Komatsu

He's like the Krillin in the Toriko franchise. Wait, Krillin didn't get kidnapped. You get my point. He's a sidekick character who has no real powers. He's more like Manta from Shaman King, a kind man. He got kidnapped by a thug in the Puffer Whale cave.

2. Ash's Pikachu

Despite being level 100, he gets kidnapped by Team Rocket. Ash is too stupid to keep Team Rocket from jacking his Pokemon. Or maybe Pikachu needs some space from Ash.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki

Gets his ass saved by Rukia and vice versa. Oh, he got his ass save by Nel. He's a lucky bastard to be saved Rukia and Nel who are sexy. Was Ichigo pretending to lose?

4. Eren Yeager

Gets his ass saved by Mikasa and Levi. I seen fans shipping Eren with these two and fan art of Eren getting carried bridal style.

5. Yukiteru Amano

Gets his ass kidnapped by his stalker.

6. Portgas D. Ace

Spoilers - Can't tell you. He was Luffy's bad ass brother whose pride got him in trouble.

7. Usopp

Pre time skip Usopp was a weak, but he was a smart guy.

8. Kon

In his plushie form, he can't do crap on his own.

9. Happy

Needs Natsu and Lucy to save his butt.

10. Gaara

Kidnapped by the Akatsuki.

11. Kakashi Hatake

Was Zabuza's Bitch. Pardon my language, he was a prisoner held in Zabuza's water prison jutsu. His students had to save him.

12. Mokuba Kaiba

Gets kidnapped by that green haired dude.

13. Manta Oyamada

Gets kidnapped by Faust who was dissecting him. It's pretty brutal.

14. Yamcha

Krillin saved him after his chest was stabbed by some androids.

15. Gohan

As a little kid, all he could was throw tantrums and call daddy.

16. Mamoru Chiba


The human plot device for saving the day has himself been embarrassingly captured more than once and is rescued by the ones meant to be rescued. How he still keeps the Batman-like persona of arrogance and cockiness is a mystery.

17. Kenshiro


Claimed his Hokuto Shinken technique was invincible, Captured without inflicting any damage and was rescued by a child.

18. Crona


Probably the only character in the series to be taken by both the Protagonists and the Antagonists. The guy can't catch a break.

19. Trafalgar Law


Masterminded a brilliant strategy, Beaten and captured by a greater Mastermind!

20. Rokuro Okajima


You know you are not irreplaceable when you're kidnapped and your company won't pay your ransom.

21. Natsu Dragneel


yes, it's the true, Natsu was kidnapped one time. I guess it's the first and only time that he needed help from someone.

22. Joshua Lundgren


taken by Claw's group

23. Killua Zoldyck


got kidnapped and tortured by his brother Illumi

24. Hatchan


he was saved by Strawhats at Nami's request

25. Raki


saved by Clare just before he was about to be eaten by a yoma.

26. Alphonse Elric


since his body is a metal armor, he got taken and worn by a kid. He had to convince that kid to stop wearing him.

27. Sado Yasutora


Sado aka Chad is a nice guy and a great friend. He tries so hard. He will fight to failure reapedly if necessary. Unfortunately that's exactly what happens with Chad. When you are rescued by the friend you promised to fight for at least 5 times and you're captured twice, your relevance is put into serious question.

28. Furuichi Takayuki


The #1 pervert in Beelzebub. He is captured, threatened or beaten many times but is usually rescued by his best friend Oga

29. Kazuma Kuwabara

Nishi99 and Taichokage:

While somewhat over the top, he is actually a fairly reliable guy. Nevertheless, he was captured and used to lure out his best friend into a trap. Not so reliable there I suppose.

30. King Neptune


He's a nice enough King, but he was foolish enough to accuse some Pirates without proof and tried to apprehend them personally. He was beaten and captured with ease, but was lucky that those same "Pirates" were good guys and they let him go.

31. Krillin


Saved his waifu from Cell and became a damsel by Cell

32. Coby


Kidnapped by Alvida

33. Yusuke Urameshi


Kidnapped by nerds

34. Honoka Takamiya


He gets saved by the school idol, Ayaka Kagari, who is a witch.

35. Ciel Phantomhive


Without Sebastian, he's just a kid. And as such, he has been snatched up on multiple occasions. Even his soul was kidnapped once lol

36. Free


Apprehended by witches and thrown into a dungeon, this non aging, immortal magic wielder was rescued by traitor Witches because he was too simple to think about breaking the small iron bars

37. Albert Morcerf


Kidnapped by hired Pirates and rescued by the one that paid for his capture in order to manipulate the naive Albert into befriending and working with him.

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I have never been able to put into words why I dislike battle threads so much until now. It's because underlying all Battle threads is aggression. It puts two characters from two different anime and reduces them to ONE characteristic, their power.

Instead of having Battle threads, why don't we have "Friend threads"? Take two characters from different anime and consider how likely or unlikely they are to become friends, or get along, and explaining why. This would involve a deeper consideration of each character's personality, behavior and psychology, and would NOT reduce each character to just their power.

For example:

  • Fat Buu (after he turns good) and Ash's Pikachu: I think they might make good friends and could learn a lot from each other. Buu is kind of like a big kid who doesn't know his own strength. And Pikachu having traveled for ages with Ash, gained a strong sense of morality and life lessons, could teach a lot to Buu!
  • Saeko Busujima and Nico Robin: They have both suffered in interesting ways, and to a certain extent are both trying to reach out to others and make friends. They are both somewhat on the quiet side also. I think they might develop a sense of respect for each other, each having their own capabilities, maybe developing a sisterly bond. Saeko with her sword discipline and Nico having all that archaeology knowledge.
  • Panty and Revy: Both hot-headed and deadly. They probably would NOT make good friends at all. BUT perhaps if they were faced with a common enemy they could set aside their differences for a few moments, do some good-old kick-assery and in the end form some sort of truce... while still holding each other with some amount of disdain. :D

I think maybe part of the reason Battle threads are getting out of hand is because of the inherent aggression that underlies them. If we flip the switch and start making "Friend threads" I think it could make these forums a lot more warm and enjoyable for everyone. For me at least it seems a lot more fun and positive to consider how two characters might become friends than to consider how they might beat each other up. But again this is just an idea.

Perhaps we could create a new concept page for these "Friend threads" and go from there. If it were up to me I would abolish Battles threads entirely, have Friend threads as a replacement, and put more focus behind discussion threads and encouraging users to post their thoughts about the anime they're watching. But hey this is just an idea, take from it what you will. And as always, enjoy your anime!

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You heard it here first. You're gonna want to catch all those motherfuckers:
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I just want to go ahead and get this out there: Pokemon has been around for 12 years. Do you realize how long that is? When the series started, I was in 4th grade. I was maybe...9 years old. I am 21 now.

Anyway, I've got some knowledge bombs to drop, and I hope this doesn't blow anyone's mind or piss anyone off too badly, but let's go ahead and have some things said.

#1. Ash will not "leave" when Sinnoh ends.

Firstly, he was already the champion of Orange League and Kanto Battle Frontier, and was offered the chance to become a Frontier Brain and declined it. If they wanted to end his journey, they would have done so back then.

Secondly, If they did end his journey, they would basically be committing suicide in the anime department. I think from a business perspective, it would be better to keep him around and continue to milk him. He is incredibly popular, and a familiar face. I am much more likely to buy my kid something involving Ash than I am to buy him something involving someone else.

Basically, he has been around for so long, I want my kid to get into Pokemon, if for no other reason than to share the joy that I felt as a child. However, if I can't sit down and be familiar with at least one of the main characters, then that kills the whole "bonding" aspect of Pokemon.

#2. A time jump is incredibly unlikely.

How many years has Pokemon been around? How many years has Ash been around? How frequent are the League Tournaments? They seem like a yearly event to me. Kinda like the Superbowl or something of that sort.

He has collected 42 badges so far, and will be getting the 43rd badge very soon. He has completed the Kanto Frontier, competed in 4 leagues, and will be competing in his 5th league very shortly. This is not including the 23 other events which he participated in. With all of this that he has done, there is almost no reason for them to have a time jump in my opinion.

A more likely possibility is them simply saying that he is 16 now and maybe even, "Go see your father. He is in Isshu." That would be something new, interesting, and while he is there, he can battle gym leaders or something. Maybe he could "follow his father's footsteps" or something, or work his way up because he is trying to win the chance to have a battle with his dad?

#3. The anime is based upon the games.

If the games have 16 year old main characters, then I could easily see them making Ash 16. "Oh, but he still looks so young!" You know how they change his clothes? Well, change his clothes and redo his model to make him look older while you're at it. Nothing wrong with that.

Both Gary and Ash already look older than they did when they started. Proof?

                                                                                                         Kanto Gary

                                                                                                         Sinnoh Gary

                                                                                                         Kanto Ash

                                                                                                         Sinnoh Ash

The difference isn't dramatic, but they do look older and more mature.

So basically...

New main character seems ridiculous.
Time jump would be super weird, all things considered.
The anime is based upon the games, so expect them to line up (generally).

---- ---- ---- ----

I will not deny that I could be wrong, but I truly believe that they will not replace him. It's just bad business. I can't think of a single series that has done a successful reboot of a series. I would hate to see Nintendo/Pokemon shoot themselves in the foot.
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This is Pikachu's evolved form BankRob-ba-chu.
But no, despite being so scary, its pretty cool.
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