Ash's Bulbasaur

Ash's Bulbasaur is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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The first of the original three starter Pokémon caught by Ash. It refuses to evolve.


Season 1 - Indigo League

Bulbasaur first debuts on episode 10 (Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village) as of the Pokémon in the Hidden Village, auto naming himself protector of the village. After busting heads with Ash the two warm up to each other and after a challenge from Bulbasaur Ash captures him with the help of his Pikachu.

In episode 17 (Island of the Giant Pokemon) Bulbasaur along with Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle are separated from Ash on an unknown island. Bulbasaur has shown distrust to Ash before but at the fact that the Pokémon have been separated from his trainer, Bulbasaur is the only one who believes that Ash had abandoned them. During their time on the island the Pokémon face giant versions of their evolution lines including Bulbasaur's Venasaur. NOTE: This is the only episode where the Pokémon talk to each other while the watcher can understand them through subtitles.

In episode 37 (Ditto's Mysterious Mansion) Bulbasaur faces Ditto, where Ditto beats the original Bulbasaur by using Constrict, which suggests Bulbasaur might be able to use Constrict; an ability that is not legitimately learned by Bulbasaur in the games.

In a special episode intended to be episode 40 (Snow Way Out) Bulbasaur along with Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Charmander and Squirtle stick with Ash during a snow storm demonstrating their appreciation for their trainer.

In episode 50 (Who Get's to Keep Togepi?) Bulbasaur fights Psyduck to give Ash the chance to keep Togepi. To win Bulbasaur licks Psyduck. NOTE: When Bulbasaur licks Psyduck it is literally licking, not to be confused with the actual attack Lick.

In episode 51 (Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden) Bulbasuar is injured in battle against Rhydon after a very strong Take Down. After being taken care of in the Pokémon Center a Bulbasaur evolutionary festival begins. The gathering is a ritual in a garden where the Bulbasaur join together so they can all evolve into Ivysaur. During this episode, once Bulbasaur gets forced out of the Pokémon Center and into the mysterious garden by other Bulbasaur, Ash's Bulbasaur is the only one who decides not to evolve even when faced by angry Ivysaur and a Venasaur. After Team Rocket try to capture the Ivysaur and the Venasaur, Bulbasaur shows his true potential by using Solar Beam against them.

In episode 52 (Princess Vs Princess) Bulbasaur and Pikachu were lent to Misty for a battle on Princess Day Festival. Bulbasaur single-handedly took down a Kingler, a Pinsir, a Cubone and a Raticate.

In episode 68 (Make Room for Gloom) Ash, Misty and Brock encounter a Botanical Garden run by Florinda Showers where she has a Gloom. Bulbasaur warms up to Gloom showing an affection to her. In the end Gloom's confidence raises to save Bulbasaur from Team Rocket.

During the Pokémon League Bulbasaur was one of the Pokémon Ash uses to battle, as well during many other battles.

Season 2 - Orange Islands

In episode 22/102 (The Mystery Menace) Ash's Bulbasaur is kidnapped by what appears to be a monster from the sewer. The mysterious creature ended up being another Bulbasaur twice the normal Bulbasaur size using Vine Whip. The kidnapping was because he felt lonely down there after being separated from his owner. In the end the mysterious Bulbasaur ended up being the Mayor's Bulbasaur he had abandoned when he was still a kid. The mysterious Bulbasaur ended in the care of the city's Nurse Joy.

In episode 28/109 (The Wacky Watcher) Ash's Bulbasaur tries to rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket with his Vine Whip, but fails. Pikachu is later rescued with the help of a Magikarp.

Episode 32/112 (Enter the Dragonite) is Ash's battle against the invincible Orange Crew Champion and Bulbasaur is one of the used Pokémon to battle. Ash's Bulbasaur battles but is defeated easily by an Electabuzz. In the end Ash wins the battle.


Pikachu's Vacation

When Brock's, Misty's and Ash's Pokémon take a vacation to a certain theme park for Pokémon Bulbasaur accompanies Pikachu and Squirtle around while taking care of Togepi. When Togepi has starts to cry all the Pokémon try to confront Togepi. Bulbasaur sings a song called "Bulbasaur's Bulbabye" in order to keep Togepi happy while rocking Togepi, then Togepi falls asleep.

Pokémon: The First Movie

Bulbasaur was one of the many Pokémon cloned by Mewtwo's machines.


MoveTypeFirst used in
TackleNormalBulbasaur and the Hidden Village
WhirlwindNormalBulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Vine WhipGrassBulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Razor LeafGrassPrimeape goes Bananas
Leech SeedGrassThe Ninja Poké-Showdown
SolarBeamGrassBulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Sleep PowderGrassMisty Meets Her Match
DigGroundBulbasaur... The Ambassador!


  • Ash's Bulbasaur is determined to fight until it can't any more, shown in battles against opponents such as Exeggutor, Venonat, Beedrill and Scyther despite the type disadvantages.
  • Ash's Bulbasaur learned two attacks that are not legitimately learned by Bulbasaur in the games: Whirlwind (Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village) and Dig (Bulbasaur... The Ambassador!) Bulbasaur may not have actually used Whirlwind though as it could have been down to a translation issue when dubbing the anime, in the original Japanese version Bulbasaur may have simply been told to "blow away" the attacks of other Pokémon.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Megumi Hayashibara
Tara Jayne
General Information Edit
Name: Ash's Bulbasaur
Name: サトシのフシギダネ
Romanji: Satoshi's Fushigidane
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #2
1st anime episode: Pokémon #10
1st anime movie: Pokémon: The First Movie
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Pokémon: The First Movie

The first Pokémon movie, featuring Mew and Mewtwo. When released in America the film featured many scene cuts.

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