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This is a story that follows one mans journey to completing a fallen rivalries dreams all the way to the World Boxing Championship....


This story follows Joe Yabuki a troubled young man who after running away from an orphanage meeting Danpei a former boxing trainer.

Joe is later arrested and put in jail. While in Jail he fights Nishi his future best friend. Both are sent to a juvenile prison and after meeting Rikishi a formor boxing prodigy a rivalry begins betweek Rikishi and Joe.

They fight both knocking eachother out. This inspires the other inmates to take up boxing.

When Rikishi is schedualed to be released Joe challenges him and cheats using rocks because of his exauhstion from a previous fight.

Once Joe leaves prison Danpei works hard to get Joe a boxing license but has difficulty due to Joe's past record. After fighting Wolf in a locker room fight both go under strict disclosed training. Winning the fight with a triple-cross counter Joe earns the right to fight Rikishi in the proffesional ring.

Rikishi dies after the fight is won by Joe and this gives Joe major problems in his boxing the death of Rikishi obviously affecting the boxer.

Eventually he comes back to climb the ladder and wins a few title matches, going on to fight Mendoza.

The fight with Mendoza is a hard and drawn out fight that lasts all 15 rounds. The tension is high as they await the verdict from the judges.

Mendoza comes out the winner but for Joe its to late as he dies ,from his injuries, sitting in his corner with a smile on his face.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 1
Jan. 13, 1995
General Information Edit
English Name Ashita no Joe
Japanese Name: あしたのジョー
Romaji: Ashita no Joo
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 1968
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Aliases Tomorrow's Joe
Joe of tomorrow
Rocky Joe
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