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Ash Ketchum is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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I notice that many fans thinks that Giovanni or Professor Oak is Ash's Father. How Professor Oak can be Ash's father? Of course they both lives in Pallet Town but they aren't related. Giovanni is not Ash's father either. Pokemon Live is NOT CANON! Some fans thinks that Ash's Father is a Pokemon like Ho-Oh. When I first heard that I laughed. I think that Ash's father has black hair. Delia's hair is brown and Giovanni hair is also brown. Professor Oak had brown hair when he was young.  It's unknown who is Ash's father until writers make an episode about him.
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I don't know why but this question crossed my mind recently and I haven't been able to shake it out of my head since. So yeah do you think there's some sort of a players union? For Gyms there has to be some sort of union. They'd have to be organized and certified for them to be a stepping stone before you enter the Pokemon league. The whole thing about earning badges makes it seem like it is a pretty official thing. But does that mean that Gym Leaders have some sort of a tenure system that prevents them from losing their jobs in light of being defeated by plucky little kids? Are they nominated by some sort of a body or union? If there are unions do you think their are OSHA Standards for Pokemon trainers? Like if there is an accepted age when people leave home to become Pokemon trainers there has to be someone or something that sets that minimum age, right? And there have to be standards for how Pokemon are treated that shit has come up multiple times on the show. I mean they already have socialized medicine in the Pokemon world so unions and player/Pokemon health and safety standards as well as regulation bodies would be that much of a stretch, right? Right?

So is the disappearance of Jimmy Koffing soon after his meeting with Team Rocket somehow related? Does Ash's Pikachu have to worry about getting disqualified or losing advertisements deals after being photographed eating Ash's pot brownies? Why would anyone care about doping in the Pokemon world when there's all that shit like X-Seed or Rare Candy? Do we have to worry about the 2011 Pokemon season getting cancelled because Professor Stern couldn't negotiate better player conditions because he's incapable of negotiating?

Oh my brain is imploding on itself.

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You heard it here first. You're gonna want to catch all those motherfuckers:
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I was looking around Youtube whan I saw this


So do you guys think they are not going to be in it or this is a fake out?
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If you haven't seen, here are the scans that leaked from the July 2010 CoroCoro magazine. I believe that, due to the Legendarily, we can assume that the region is based off of China.

  • Dawn will leave. We all know this. She will be replaced by the new girl.
  • The female professor makes me think that Brock will tag along for the ride because he has the hots for her.
  • I think Brock will catch a Meguroko.
  • Ash will obviously catch a Mamepato or one of it's evolutions.
  • Someone will own Chiramii.
  • Ash will get at least one of the starts, if not two. I can't really say who he will get, though. One tradition states that he will catch the grass type, while another one states that the new trainer will have the grass type. Will they both have one with different personalities? I still think that would be an interesting idea. Some people might say that they are wasting a slot, but Brock never seems to have 6 Pokemon on him at once. Therefore, he has some extra slots that can be filled, but which never are... 

Not much else I can say with any amount of certainty. Not really into most of the new Pokemon though...
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I just want to go ahead and get this out there: Pokemon has been around for 12 years. Do you realize how long that is? When the series started, I was in 4th grade. I was maybe...9 years old. I am 21 now.

Anyway, I've got some knowledge bombs to drop, and I hope this doesn't blow anyone's mind or piss anyone off too badly, but let's go ahead and have some things said.

#1. Ash will not "leave" when Sinnoh ends.

Firstly, he was already the champion of Orange League and Kanto Battle Frontier, and was offered the chance to become a Frontier Brain and declined it. If they wanted to end his journey, they would have done so back then.

Secondly, If they did end his journey, they would basically be committing suicide in the anime department. I think from a business perspective, it would be better to keep him around and continue to milk him. He is incredibly popular, and a familiar face. I am much more likely to buy my kid something involving Ash than I am to buy him something involving someone else.

Basically, he has been around for so long, I want my kid to get into Pokemon, if for no other reason than to share the joy that I felt as a child. However, if I can't sit down and be familiar with at least one of the main characters, then that kills the whole "bonding" aspect of Pokemon.

#2. A time jump is incredibly unlikely.

How many years has Pokemon been around? How many years has Ash been around? How frequent are the League Tournaments? They seem like a yearly event to me. Kinda like the Superbowl or something of that sort.

He has collected 42 badges so far, and will be getting the 43rd badge very soon. He has completed the Kanto Frontier, competed in 4 leagues, and will be competing in his 5th league very shortly. This is not including the 23 other events which he participated in. With all of this that he has done, there is almost no reason for them to have a time jump in my opinion.

A more likely possibility is them simply saying that he is 16 now and maybe even, "Go see your father. He is in Isshu." That would be something new, interesting, and while he is there, he can battle gym leaders or something. Maybe he could "follow his father's footsteps" or something, or work his way up because he is trying to win the chance to have a battle with his dad?

#3. The anime is based upon the games.

If the games have 16 year old main characters, then I could easily see them making Ash 16. "Oh, but he still looks so young!" You know how they change his clothes? Well, change his clothes and redo his model to make him look older while you're at it. Nothing wrong with that.

Both Gary and Ash already look older than they did when they started. Proof?

                                                                                                         Kanto Gary

                                                                                                         Sinnoh Gary

                                                                                                         Kanto Ash

                                                                                                         Sinnoh Ash

The difference isn't dramatic, but they do look older and more mature.

So basically...

New main character seems ridiculous.
Time jump would be super weird, all things considered.
The anime is based upon the games, so expect them to line up (generally).

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I will not deny that I could be wrong, but I truly believe that they will not replace him. It's just bad business. I can't think of a single series that has done a successful reboot of a series. I would hate to see Nintendo/Pokemon shoot themselves in the foot.
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Today Marvel announced that May 19th will be the official Avengers Day: Full CV Article
I thought then why not incorporate anime into the celebration?  
Introducing: Anime Avengers!






UPDATE (As suggested by CV users): 



Suggestions are welcomed! 
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