Ascend! The Demon Dectective, The Demon, and The Job.

Ascend! The Demon Dectective, The Demon, and The Job. is an anime episode of Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san that was released on 04/08/2011
While investigating a marital infidelity case, the demon-summoning private detective Akutabe summons the demon Azazel to get the woman (his client) and the man (his target) back together. Unfortunately, Azazel keeps screwing up Akutabe's directions. So Akutabe offers that if he can do it correctly, he'll void Azazel's 300-year-long contract with him.
Azazel completes the job (sort of), but Akutabe reveals that he was only being half-honest: he ripped up his contract and bound the demon to his assistant Rinko instead.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tsutomu Mizushima Director
Junichiro Taniguchi Character Artist/Designer
Hiromasa Ogura Art Director Art director for various anime: FLCL, Strike Witches, Dead Leaves
Ryuji Takagi Music


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