Asami Nakaoka Character Review

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 She's a police officer with unprofessional feelings towards Kohta Hirano. Asami's in charge of the welfare of those survivors within the mall, well, until her senpai comes back.

It was such an utter waste Asami got euthanized by Hirano, especially that both were “attached” in some way. However, that is (in more ways than one) far better in comparison to being horrifically turned into one of “them.” Yet, there still remains that issue regarding Asami’s probable escape from her dramatic death – she had a chance, if not a forlorn percentage to survive. And there are a number of reasons why she did have a chance from the very beginning. I place the fault on that damn teary-eyed kid (the one who stabbed the “badass”). Screw him (I do hope we soon see his appalling demise) If it hadn’t been for his dim-witted actions, Asami could have been with the group, enjoying the privileges Alice and Zeke are enjoying (as well as the fail-rapist). What a prick indeed. Another reason is that Takashi is a fraud, and is pathetic enough to be designated the rank of “inexperienced leader.”   “Them” took, more or less, 8 minutes to slowly converge toward her, and what was the leader doing? Engaged in a pointless dispute with Kohta. In that precious span of time, they could’ve liberated Asami from her predicament without any loss. (Though, she had her own small faults by charging in with the fail-rapist and screaming “flowery” words to Kohta right after she realized there was no other way out. She also mentioned earlier that she quit the police force, unfortunately she was adamant in fulfill her self-righteous duty as a police officer by assisting the fail-rapist.) We all understood that shooting “them” in order to liberate Asami would only make matters worse, as they already are (i.e. the sniper shells may ricochet off the cars and injure her; another is that: yes, it would draw some of “them” away from her, although the ones within close proximity to Asami may still attack her, despite the gunshot sounds, and that those sound waves may create another center of attention for “them” within the radius of the mall, placing danger upon the group – that would, of course, render her sacrifice useless.)

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Asami’s a great character ♥ , her altruism portrayed that she was beyond worthy to be deemed a Police Woman. Her selfless effort to preserve the group’s humanity was outstanding. (her last line of duty   must be commemorated, more or less). And no, it isn’t a reason at all that she died because of her insufficient bust size (>.<). Hell yeah, it was a great chapter (namely the 25) despite her dramatic end. I can’t wait for the hiatus to end!

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