Asami Nakaoka

Asami Nakaoka is a anime/manga character in the Highschool of the Dead franchise
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Asami Nakaoka is a traffic officer who guarded several survivors that had hidden within the Taiei Shopping Town.


Asami Nakaoka is a young police officer in Tokonosu Prefecture that is a part of the traffic division. She was partnered with the decorated Officer Matsushima. During the outbreak of Them (zombies) hit their city, Asami and Matsushima we able to lead several human survivors into Taiei Shopping Town mega-mall. Matsushima left her in charge while she went out alone to try and get help at the local police precinct.


Highschool of the Dead Vol. 5 JPN (2008)
Highschool of the Dead Vol. 5 JPN (2008)

The character of Asami Nakaoka is a supporting character of Highschool of the Dead that was written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato. The series first began serialization in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine in July 2006.

Her first appearance was in Hightschool of the Dead Volume 5 CH. 18 "Legend of the Dead", and she has made no appearance in the anime series, to date.

Character Evolution

Asami Nakaoka's design
Asami Nakaoka's design

Asami is a character that is unsure of her own abilities and is quite timid. She speaks in a particular speech pattern that, such as replacing due to Japanese police regulations. She tried hard to maintain faith in police rescue but her authority quickly dissipated amongst the survivors. This was changed when Kohta and Takashi intervened by giving her a Smith & Wesson Airweight pistol.

Age: 20

Hair: Light-Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

She develops feelings for Kohta after he defended her from one of the survivors, and joined the group to get medical supplies for an ailing member of her group. Sadly, one of the group was bitten and asked to be killed before he could change. She was the one who used her pistol to end his life. She kept her faith Matsushima, and was devastated so see her in the parking lot ad had been changed into one of Them. She lashed out at Kohta, but they reconciled and she asked to go with them. She was a short lived member of Team Takashi since she sacrificed her life to save the group. She asked Kohta to not let her be changed and he was forced to end her life as she confessed her love for him.

Major Story Arcs

Legend of the Dead

Officer Asami aims at Shimada
Officer Asami aims at Shimada

Asami was welcoming to the group of teens who arrived at the mall, and kept Shimada from giving them a hard time. She tried her best to keep the survivors faith up that rescue was coming, but they were getting impatient. More and more they were ganging up on her. her timid personality made it hard to get them to listen. That was until Kohta and Takashi came up and pretended that she had dropped her pistol. Actually, they had brought the police standard gun. Now that the people saw she was armed, they stopped being so aggressive. Not soon after Shimada attacked one of the women from Kohta's group, Shizuka Marikawa. He was trying to rape her, and Asami intervened. She drew her pistol on him, but he called her bluff. It could of ended badly if Kohta hadn't created a garrote and strangled the straight razor from his hands. It was after all this help that Asami started to fall for Kohta.

Asami thanks Kohta
Asami thanks Kohta

After this indecent, she had a meeting with her group then went to go and thank Kohta personally. She told him how she had promised her boyfriend that she'd be a great police officer, but sue to her poor grades at the academy he dumped her. She was making sure he knew she was single now and is the type to dedicate herself to her relationships. She flung herself on Kohta and hugged him in thanks for his help.

Blood and Dead

One of the survivors under her care, an elderly lady, was in desperate need of ablood transfusion or she'd die. Shizuka was a medical professional, but she needed the equipment. There was a medical clinic nearby by the lack of power due to the EMP that struck days earlier made it unsure if any of the blood was good for a transfusion. Asami and Hiro Tamaru were the ones who joined Takashi and Kohta. They were overrun at the clinic but were able to get the supplies they needed. They had to escape through the ceiling, but Hiro had been bit. He begged them to kill him before he could change. Asami asked his name and used her pistol to kill him.

Back at the mall, they were able to save the lady's life. Asami tried to convince Kohta to stay with her at the mall, but he didn't want to abandon his friends. This rejection was only compounded when the young girl, Alice Maresato, pointed out that she saw a police officer through the windows among the infected. It was Matsushima. She had failed and been infected. No rescue was coming, and some of the people in the mall heard her shouting. When Kohta tried to comfort her, she lashed out and mocked him. She ran to the roof to sit alone.

Asami agrees to join Kohta
Asami agrees to join Kohta

Kohta eventually came up to talk with her after she calmed down a bit, and to her surprise he asked her to come with them. Being overcome by her own happiness, she accepted to join the team. When they went downstairs, the chaos of what had been happening was spreading. One of the young men from Asami's group had gone crazy, he attacked another person and opened the doors of the mall, letting Them inside. They needed to escape, now.

Duty and Dead

As she and the rest of Team Takashi prepared to escape the mall that was quickly filling with Them, Asami had the bright idea to collect large amounts of fireworks to distract the undead. She also collected a large bag full to give to Alice to protect herself. At the side fire escape, the group of survivors split up into two groups. The people she had been protecting chose to shelter themselves at the roof, but Shimada joined her and Kohta's group.

Asami says goodbye to Kohta
Asami says goodbye to Kohta

They were running through the parking lot when they noticed the young boy who had let the infected in was stranded on top of a car surrounded by Them. He was apologizing and begging for help. To everyone's surprise, Shimida ran in to save the teen to make up for his past ill deeds and Asami ran in to assist him. This rescue failed and she was pinned between the two cars with no escape. She started to scream out cursing at Kohta. It was to save his friends and draw their attention to her. Though, she called out with one request. She begged him not to let her be turned into one of Them. She saluted and confessed her love for him. He fired and ended her life before they could get her. Her death caused him terrible trauma.


Asami Nakaoka with Smith & Wesson M37 Air Weight
Asami Nakaoka with Smith & Wesson M37 Air Weight

While Asami is a police officer in the traffic division, he is very unsure of herself when it comes to firearms. She was given a standard issue Smith & Wesson M37 Airweight pistol by Kohta Hirano to try and bolster her position among the survivors.

  • Baton
  • Smith & Wesson M37 Airweight
General Information Edit
Name: Asami Nakaoka
Name: 中岡 あさみ
Romanji: Nakaoka Asami
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Highschool of the Dead #5
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Police Girl
Police Woman
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