Asakura Mikihisa

Asakura Mikihisa is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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Mikihisa Asakura is the father of protagonist Yoh Asakura in the manga and anime series, Shaman King. In the manga, he belonged to Team Kabbalahers together with Redseb and Seyram. He has two spirits, a tanuki and a kitsune, and the Over Souls make use of stones as their medium.


Young Mikihisa
Young Mikihisa

Mikihisa Asakura is the son-in-law of Yohmei Asakura and the husband of Keiko Asakura. He loves music and playing his guitar. After the birth of Hao, Mikihisa tries to stop Hao Asakura, but he has his face burn by the Spirit of Fire. He makes a quick observation that Hao's spirit medium is the oxygen in the air. As a result of that day, Mikihisa wears a mask throughout the series.


Mikihisa Asakura, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him.


"Because adults know their ceiling."

"When people grow up... They discover their ceiling, the limit of their potential. It gets ever closer as we close we can see the stains on it. But you can't see your ceilings yet, and it's better that way. The only thing hanging over you is [the] infinite sky, you can grow as strong as you need to be!!"

Mikihisa's answer to Ren's question - Why strong adults send their children to fight? - Vol. 17

Mikihisa does not change much, but in the flashbacks of Volume 17, Mikihisa starts to become more of a stubborn loner due his failure to stop baby Hao Asakura from escaping after his birth. He train himself to become an ascetic and brought Tamao home with him. He does not talk much to his son Yoh or Hao.

Story Arcs

Note: All information are manga only. See anime in anime and manga differences.

Journey to America For a Period of 3 months (Patch's Test)

Mikihisa Asakura makes his first appearance when he spies on Yoh Asakura who is relaxing after encountering Lyserg. He reports to Yohmei about the appearance of Hao Asakura. Next scene, he helps Anna, Manta, and Tamao find the way to the Patch Village. In a strange scene, Mikihisa is seen looking at the Great Spirit with a sad face.

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

Mikihisa first appears in the stands during the massacre of team X-III by the hands of Hao Asakura. He explains to the spectators about Hao and meaning of the pentagram. The pentagram symbolizes the five elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and thunder. Since Hao masters the pentagram, he can change his spirit of fire into water at will.

While Yoh has finished explaining to his friends that he is Hao's twin brother, Hao has over a million mana, and Hao is going to win regardless of what they do, Mikihisa and his wife finds Tao Ching and his family in the visitors' area. After Keiko convince Tao Ching that the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu is powerful and Mikihisa tells him that he can make Ren strong, Tao Yuan steps in and wants to test it. Mikihisa gladly accepts his challenge since he is a father like him. He finds Ren and his team on the bridge. Mikihisa answers Chocolove's question about destiny when he says that power is necessary to create one's destiny. He says that Hao has the greatest power than all of us. Mikihisa explains that he will teach Ren and his team the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. When Ren tells Mikihisa that he gets strong his way, Mikihisa provokes with his attacks to get Ren to fight him. After Ren mocks him that he cannot prevent a newborn from escaping, Ren attacks Mikihisa. He notes that Ren has done well to figure out his illusions are his oversoul. When Ren uses his new oversoul, God of War, on his mountain spirits, Mikihisa still has his oversoul intact. He tell Ren not to jump to conclusions. Mikihisa congratulates on Ren’s change when he learns that ghosts have feelings, defy his family, and swore to never waver again. However, Mikihisa states that Ren’s oath is a weakness to control his wavering heart. His statements enrages Ren to charge at him. Mikihisa easily grabs Ren's head and slams it into the ground. Then Ren gets up and attacks Mikihisa, but Mikihisa easily dodges his attacks. He lectures Ren about how oversouls do not cast shadows. As Mikihisa grabs Ren and slams him into the wall, Ren mumbles to Mikihisa that he will not waver, Mikihisa gets a kick the face. Although Ren has finally landed a hit, Mikihisa denies it. The battle ends with Mikihisa knocking out Ren.

As soon as Ren wakes up, Mikihisa has already provided barbecue to his teammates. He offers Ren some special mountain barbecue. When Ren rejects it and asks him why such strong adults let their children fight, Mikihisa says that adults have already reach their limit whereas children, who are still young, have plenty of time to get strong. Suddenly, Nichrom and Magna appears. Mikihisa finds out that Magna is hunting his teammates, Redseb and Salerm, and the next match is starting. Mikihisa is a contender in the shaman king fights with his team Kallabahers because Mikihisa is on a quest to stop Hao no matter what. When Magna tells Mickey that the age of his kids does not matter to the Spirit of Fire, Mickey gets mad. After Ren tells Mickey to go and help his teammates, Mickey tells Ren not to jump to conclusions and to underestimate them. Mikihisa rides his mountain spirits and goes off.

Yoh and Anna's Flashback

General Information Edit
Name: Asakura Mikihisa
Name: 麻倉幹久
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Shaman King #11
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mickey Asakura
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