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Arus is a anime/manga location
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The Princess of Planet Arus, who later pilots the Blue Lion after Sven was badly injured. She has recently stepped down from the Voltron Force to serve as Queen of Arus, her niece Larmina replaced her as the Blue Lion pilot.

Allura's Mother

The deceased Queen of planet Arus, wife of King Alfor, and mother of Princess Allura

Captain Keith

Keith is the leader of the Voltron Force, he first piloted the Green Lion for a very short time before becoming pilot of the Black Lion.


Cheddar is one of the more prominently featured Space Mice from Voltron. He also seems to be their leader.


Cheesy is one of the space mice who inhabit the Castle of Lions. He is easily identified as the largest blue mouse.


Royal advisor to Princess Allura and occasional military strategist.


Garrett is a clone of Coran's long lost son.


Member of the Voltron Force, pilots the yellow lion

King Alfor

The father of Princess Allura and creator of Voltron. Even though he is deceased his spirit continues to protect his daughter and guard the 5 lions


Lance is second in command of the Voltron Force, and pilot of the Red Lion.


The niece of Princess Allura, she was in training to become the future pilot of the Blue Lion, and recently became the first cadet to be inducted into the Voltron Force as a full member after Allura became Queen of Arus and had to step down from

Mary Ann

A scientist who created a powerful super robot, also hinted to have helped King Alfor in Voltron's creation.

Mouse Voltron

A mini-mech version of Voltron operated by the Space Mice, usually seen fighting Haggar's cat Coba.


Nanny is caretaker of Princess Allura. She is not very fond of the mice that inhabit Castle Arus.


Member of Voltron Force, pilot of the green lion. He sometimes comes off as a pervert, quite accidentally though.

Queen Orla

The Aunt of Princess Allura and ruler of a region of the planet Arus.

Sincline's Mother

The mother of Prince Sincline (Lotor) she was impregnated by Emperor Daibazaal when he raped her. She was later murdered by Daibazaal when she stood in the defense of rebel slaves he was going to execute.


A little girl from the planet Arus. She was rescued by Pidge who she looks up to as a hero. She is an honorary member of the Voltron Force.


A slave girl who's escape from planet Doom raised suspicion from the Voltron Force.


Voltron is the super robot that is formed by combining the five robotic lions and piloted by the Voltron Force.

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