Arranged Marriage Characters

Arranged Marriage is a anime/manga concept
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Eska is the daughter of Unalaq and twin sister to Desna.


Member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie, whose determined to steal Ash's Pokemon.


A wealthy woman and James future fiancée. He is afraid of her and is the reason why he ran away from home and joined Team Rocket.

Jun Asuka

The main character in Go Nagai's Manga Iron Virgin Jun. On Jun's 18th birthday her family has arranged for her to get married to a husband they choose to which Jun is not interested and decides to run away from the groom-choosing party.

Motoko Gettou

Motoko was adopted by three different martial artists and train in three different styles (Attack, Speed and Defense) after the death of her mother. But it caused her to have a split-personalities for each style.

Romeo Candorebanto Montague

The famous Romeo and prince from the series Romeo x Juliet. He is proud and possesses a noble heart. He has a compassion for others and an earnest desire to become a good ruler. He is the passionate, devoted lover of Juliet.

Shigeru Ookawahara

Shigeru is the fiancée of Tsukasa Domyouji. At first they don't like eachother but Shigeru falls in love with him, creating a love triangle between her, Domyouji and Tsukushi.

Sun Seto

Sun Seto is a mermaid and the daughter of a Yakuza boss of the Seto Crime Family. She lives her life by the way of chivalry. She's engaged to be married to Nagasumi Michishio.

Tsukasa Domyoji

Domyouji is the arrogant and spoiled leader of the F4. He gives red tags to people on school that he doesn't like. When he starts picking on a poor girl called Tsukushi Makino, he falls deeply in love with her.

Yoon In Gyi

Yoon In Gyi a.k.a Queen is an S-Class Wild's High School second year student. She initially hated boys due to a childhood incident, but begin to like Song Jae Gu as story follows

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