Armored Titan

Armored Titan is a anime/manga concept
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Armored Titan is Reiner Braun's Titan form.


Powers & Abilities

Standing roughly about 16 meters, the Armored Titan is well built and is the only titan to have glowing yellow eyes. He, like the Colossal and Female type Titans are skinless though his muscles are almost entirely covered in a callus like skin that is tough enough to withstand attack from all forms of firearms, swords and cannon fire.

During his battle against Eren's titan form outside the Walls of Maria that even Erens strongest blows proved to be completely ineffective and only submission moves seemed to have any effect on his armor. In addition his fighting capabilities has proved to be inferior to Erens during there battle as he aims for heavy blows rather then Erens more technical style of fighting.

The Armored Titans strength is only second to the colossal titan. This is shown in his first appearance when his initial burst of speed against the wall rose was so powerful that it caused a shock wave that devastated all in his path. Even when the soldiers had begin firing cannons at him, it had bounced off him without slowing his onward charge. Which he had then proceeded to decimate the gates of Wall Rose all in one motion. It was then hinted that he has the possible ability of breathing fire as when it was shown when he released his armor over his mouth and spewed what seems to be fire.

It has been stated that his top speed cannot reach maximum potential due to his fully covered armored body during his escape from the forest of giant trees

The Armored titan still has the basic abilities & characteristics that come from being a Titan such as a Rapid healing capabilities, a lack of speech, a general weakness on the nape of his neck and no pain receptors.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Armored Titan
Japanese Name: 鎧の巨人
Romaji Name: Yoroi no Kyojin
1st manga book: Attack on Titan #1
1st anime episode: Attack on Titan #2
1st anime movie:
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