Armadillo Being

Armadillo Being is a anime/manga character in the Claymore franchise
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An awakened being who works for Isley. He has the ability to control yoki energy, and uses it to force the Claymore to fight one another against their will.


Formerly a male Claymore of unknown name or rank who surpassed his limitations and became an awakened being.  His power set likely indicates he was once the #10 ranked Claymore considering how similar they are to Raftela.


A character created by Norihiro Yagi

Character Evolution 

Human Appearance 
Seen as a man wearing a hooded robe and a mask covering his mouth and nose. He can use his Yoki controlling abilities in his human form as well.
Awakened Being appearance 
As his name indicates, he looks similar to an armadillo, with a tough nearly unbreakable hide and large foreclaws. He is rather small for an awakened being, and is built more for defense physically then offense. His Yoki controlling ability is his most dangerous trait.

Major Story Arcs 

The Northern Campaign 

The "Armadillo Being" was one of a trio of Awakened Beings working for Isley who were responsible for the deaths of Claymore #7 Eva, and three other Claymores accompanying  her. Next the trio were sent to scout the Claymore gathering in the Northern town of Pieta, but the scouting assignment became a full on assault when the Humanoid Being lost his composure and attacked the town.
The Armadillo Being engaged in battle with Flora's Team (consisting of Flora, Clare, Lily, Wendy and Karla) and caught them off guard with his yoki controlling power, using it to take control of the Claymores bodies and forcing them to fight one another, Clare seemed able to resist this better then her team-mates, but was still no match for it. The arrival of Undine's team changed the tide of battle, when the Armadillo Being attempted to control Undine and make her chop off her own head, she proved strong enough to be able to resist, and put up enough of a fight to give Clare and Deneve enough time to regroup, pushing themselves past the point of a normal Claymore's limits, the Armadillo Being believed Clare and Deneve to have awakened themselves, and was caught by surprise when they emerged from the Yoki energies still human and charged him, the two proceeded to deal enough damage to his armored hide to allow Undine to cut off it's head. The Armadillo Being's severed head was still barely alive, and tried to force two of the weaker Claymore to kill one another, but Clare and Deneve tossed it's head in the air then cut it into ribbons with their quick swords.
Voiced by
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Ryuzaburo Otomo
General Information Edit
Name: Armadillo Being
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Claymore #9
1st anime episode: Claymore #17
1st anime movie:
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Shape Shifter
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Energy Manipulation
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