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Welcome to the 14th Weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Taka, and my teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314. It's has been a long week, but my team, Sophronimos, and I finished the wiki pages for Sket Dance ep. 36 and 37. I prefer doing weekly reports after the wiki pages are done or images have been uploaded.

Now, Hime's origin story is about to be unfolded. Be prepared to witness the character evolution of Hime and find out where the name Onihime originated. We'll talk about which is better, anime and manga, at portraying Hime's story in the open floor section. It's a big section just to let you know. Also, we got a cool videos to share later in this report and a cool GIF.

Please see Image gallery for 36 and 37.


Ep. 36: Ogress

Hime & SKET Dan
Hime & SKET Dan

After Hime beats a thief and breaks her hockey stick in the process, Hime and gang take a trip to the hockey store. When Hime and the SKET Dance crew look at the playground near the hockey store, it brings back memories. Hime begins explaining her origin story.

Ep. 37: Summer Breeze

Hime's old looks
Hime's old looks

Hime transfers to a new school to get away from the Onihime rumors, yet she can't run away from her past. When Chiaki gets in trouble, Hime goes out to protect despite what happen between her and Arisa. Will Hime accept her Onihime identity, and can she, Bossun, and Chiaki be friends?


Beware of Spoilers!

New Characters

Arisa Kanou (A-chan)
Arisa Kanou (A-chan)
Arisa Kanou is Hime's first friend who loves field hockey like Hime.
Nanba Kyoko
Nanba Kyoko
Nanba Kyoko is the leader of a group of delinquent girls.
Unknown Girl
Unknown Girl
She's a manga only character, but I felt she had a prominent role despite her minor role. We talk about her in the Which is Better Manga and Anime Section.

Good/Points of Interest

Find out the origin of Bossun's hat!
Find out the origin of Bossun's hat!
  • Like Switch, Hime's origin story is full of surprises and tragedy. She is a pretty girl with a tough, tomboy personality, but deep down, she's a normal girl who wants to belong somewhere with people who like her for what she is. It's up to Bossun and Chiaki to guide her.
  • It's funny that Hime taking the serious roles while Bossun and Switch take the funny roles.
  • You will learn where Bossun's hat and Sket Dance logo come from.
  • The meaning of Hime's hockey stick's names are interesting.
  • Bizarre: The manga states that Hime's going to an all girl school, but the anime did not specify what type of school. I did looked at her class, and they were all girls. A goof in the anime, perhaps?


Hime cries on Bossun's shoulder
Hime cries on Bossun's shoulder
  • At first, I thought the ending to Hime's story was great. When I first watch the episodes twice and read the manga for the anime/manga differences, I realized that the manga ending had a better feeling. The ending to Hime's story in the anime isn't that great when you compared to the manga. (I will give specific answers why under the open floor section)
  • Also, I felt Bossun was too stoic, and he didn't hug Hime or do anything. That's me.

Sket Dance Videos

Sket Dance MMV

This is what KuroNekoXIII found. It's a video made by Sarja20. Here's the link to the video because I have difficulty making it play.

Romanji / English Lyrics

Honno sukoshi mae ni.......Te ni ireta you na mirai wo / Not so long ago, I thought I held this future in my hands

Omoide to issho ni........Marumete nagesuteta / But then I crumpled it up along with my memories and threw it away

Mada saki wa nagai yo.......Nimotsu wa mou ii yo / It's still a long way, but I don't need any baggage

I am dreaming of a girl rocked my world

Nanboku e tsuzuku koukasen.....Kono saki ni wa kitto aru to......Sasayaiteru / The elevated railway that runs from north to south....Whispers.... That she's surely up ahead

Kuro researched this info for the video.

Sketch Dance Animation Musical Clip

I found this one to make this report's mood happier. It uploaded by SketDancevideos, and the source is Sket Dance's website.

I hope you fans enjoy these videos, and you can share any videos or anything with the team and the community.

Open Floor Section

Heavy Spoilers! This section is for people who watched the two episodes.

I took this feature from Kuro's weekly reports on Guilty Crown to make some discussion. I'll put down the questions, and my answers are white out, so I don't want my answers to influence your choices. I will un-white the answers within a week.

  • Which is better? Anime or Manga

Normally, I keep weekly reports short and that the wiki page serves for anime/manga differences information. The execution of Hime's story was different in both manga and anime format.

My answers:

Even though the manga and anime had Hime doing different things, I felt that the ending in the manga really made the story better than the anime. In the manga, Arisa actually explain her apology, and Hime talked to Arisa and forgives her. You got Bossun and Switch cheering on the sidelines. That's the feeling of triumph. What a good way to end a story. Compared to the anime, Arisa didn't really explain her apology. She just bow in apology, and for Hime, she just smiles and tells Arisa to call her Hime. That is a poor way to end the story.

I don't know about the whole Hime following Arisa and seeing the envelope of money or how the anime did not show Hime's parents. It'll be a lot to cram in two episodes.

  • What common things you find between Switch and Hime's origin stories?

Sket Dance - Beyond The Pain

The title was inspired by Fairy Tail Wikia's concept of pain for Fairy Tail guild. I looked at Switch and Hime's stories and pull some of their anguishes.

My answers: It's pain, and the people you trust have a secret. For Switch, it was Yukino Hirai, and for Hime, it was Arisa Kanou. The pain for both Hime and Switch is the loss of friends.

I connect more to Switch's story than Hime. See Switch and Suicide Awareness Blog.

  • What was the best moment in this story?

Best Moment
Best Moment

For me, it was Hime crying. If I was talking about manga, it would Hime hugging Arisa.

**The manga only character is a strange difference. She had more role than her anime counterparts, the two girls. Hime is more aggressive in her manga form. I have no idea why they change it unless they want Hime's image to be more positive.

Animated GIF


Click to make it animate!

Memorable Quotes

  • Hime: "I'm a demon (oni), but my hero came to rescue me..."
  • Hime: My pop gave me my name, Hime. It means devoted love. It's a bit too cute for a tomboy like me... But I kinda like it.


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for doing a fabulous job on Sket Dance and helping Anime Vice community this year. Plus, I wanted to thank Sophronimos for uploading some Sket Dance images. I didn't know we had another wiki editor who love Sket Dance (outside of my team). I can't believe the year is ending already. Sometimes, time goes too fast. For you guys, if you really love something, go out there and get active. Make some comments, blogs, reviews, wiki edits, or more because it'll make our community better.

Wiki Work

  • Arisa Kanou - Taka added origin, creation, and story arcs.

Have a happy New Year (3 days from now) everyone!

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