Aries is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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One of the 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits who originally had a contract with Karen Lilica. But after her owner was killed, Aries was forced to make a contract with the Oracion Seis member Angel.


Aries' Gate Key
Aries' Gate Key

Prior to the story, Aries (along with Loke) was owned by Karen who mistreated her terribly by physically and verbally abusing her as well as by using her to distract her male fans despite Aries' discomfort and pleas. She even went as far as to punish the timid spirit by forcing her to remain in the human world for an entire week. However, Karen's threat never comes into fruition when Loke interferes and attempts to convince her to terminate her contracts with him and Aries. After refusing to do so, Loke threatened to remain in the human world until she would agree to his demand. Unable to summon two spirits at once, Karen nonetheless tries to do so during a mission but this consequently leads to her defeat by Angel as well as her death. As a result, Aries came into Angel's possession who treated her similarly as Karen. But after Angel's defeat, she (along with Scorpio and Gemini) decided to lend their strength to Lucy.


Aries was created by Hiro Mashima to represent her particular Zodiac sign. But in contrast to this astrological symbol whereby Aries means "ram" (a male sheep), Mashima designed Aries to be a female. Nonetheless, her shy and bashful nature and wool laden clothing clearly exemplify the characteristics typical of a sheep.

Character Evolution


Aries is an attractive girl with large breasts, pink hair and a pair of twisted horns who wears wool-like clothing. However, as the series progressed her appearance has changed slightly whereby her neck is now covered by white wool, which was previously pink, and she has started to wear a satchel on her waist.


Loke and Aries, shot by Caelum
Loke and Aries, shot by Caelum

Aries is a very timid, polite, kind, gentle and apologetic spirit who remains loyal to her master, regardless of his or her nature. For example, she didn't show any defiance or hostility towards Karen who used her as a shield against enemy attacks or when Angel shot her (and Loke) with Caelum. In fact, she only apologized, even though she didn't do anything wrong. Still, she is sweet and nice and appreciates how good an owner Lucy is. And despite her fears, she is willing to fight for her and for her pride as a Celestial Spirit.

Powers & Abilities

Wool Magic

Aries' Wool Magic
Aries' Wool Magic

This magic allows Aries to manipulate, release and use wool to attack her enemies. She is also strong physically as portrayed in her battle against Loke in the Oracion Seis Arc.

Wool Bomb
Wool Shot
Wool Wall
Voiced by
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Sayaka Narita
General Information Edit
Name: Aries
Name: アリエス
Romanji: Ariesu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #9
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #32
1st anime movie:
Recent Movies
Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan (OVA)

This is the 2nd OVA/OAD episode in the Fairy Tail franchise.

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Attractive Female
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