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Aria the Animation is an anime series in the Aria franchise
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Aria: the Animation: the legendary cozy cloud Reviewed by var_glad on Sept. 19, 2010. var_glad has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Aria the Animation. 8 out of 8 users recommend his reviews. 5 out of 5 users found this review helpful.
So, Aria: the animation. Having just recently re-watched this first part of the series I figured that I would try and put in to words exactly why Aria is so awesome.  So here it goes,
Aria is a series that is slice of life in its purest form, I would not add it as a part of any other catagory.. The only other I think you could make an argument for is sci-fi, but that is only because it acctualy is a sci-fi setting if you think about it (and you really have to think about it in order to notice it...). It's simply a story following the daily life of a character, and that is all it is about.  

    And as of such, it not having much of an overarching story (as of yet, it gets more of one in Origination), no cute romance, or even interesting character developement (as of Aria: The animation atleast), it needs something else in order to keep you intrested. And what exactly that someting is has puzzled me for quite some time now..  

    At first I thought it was the characters that did it... but now having seen it again I can say, that decpite beeing lovely, wonderful characters, they are acctually, at the end of Aria: the animation, still quite shallow. You could perheps say that just the main character Mizunashi Akari is such a lovable character that her alone makes you want to see more, which is true, but that is defenitly not the only thing. No... the answer is much more abstract.  

   If you look at the presentation it is overall very good, especially the music. And except for a few poorly produced scenes, that destroy the illusion form time to time (but hey, what anime does not have those... ...  I gues there are some..), it gives a general sense of calmness. And that, is the answer to the pressing question at hand. It is the perfect combination of the calm nature of the sory, the lovely characters, the perfect musik and the beautiful setting of neo-venice (venice but whiter) that just gets you in a calm and cozy mood that you want to stay in. And that, is what I see as the essence of Aria.
I can not recomend Aria strongly enought if you simply want to let go of all your real world worries and just drift away in this cozy, fluffy cloud that is Aria... ... HAZUKASHII SERIFU KINSHI!!!!!!... 
jokes aside, after seeing even few episodes of Aria I allways end up in a calm and awesome state of beeing that I just love ^^  perheps you know the feeling?
TO BE CONTINUED!... when I am done re-watching Aria: the natural...
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