Argo Gulskii

Argo Gulskii is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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The fighter for Neo Russia and the new Black Joker of the Shuffle Alliance.

Argo Gulski is the gundam pilot for neo-Russia. His previous occupation was as a space pirate, although he valued life and never killed anyone. After being caught by the government his crew is placed in prison and he is press-ganged into service using both blackmail and death threats. Normally this wouldn't faze Argo where his own life is concerned but the lives threatened are the lives of his crew. To ensure he does as told he is almost constantly shackled and a bomb was latched to the center of his chest. At the press of a button from his warden, Natasha Zabigov, he and all his crew would die. Despite his gundam fighter status he did not fight until his first bought with Domon due to a very underhanded method that neo-Russia was using to 'win' fights. Using Argo as bait other gundam fighters were drawn to Russia where they were arrested and their gundams confiscated. Argo despised this method and stages a prison break when the same happenes to Domon so he may get the chance to fight. Argo is one of the few gundam fighters ever able to fight Domon to a draw. 
Argo is the 'black joker' of the shuffle alliance and fights using primarily brute force grappling moves, in contradiction to most other fighters that rely on special moves. He has one special move, the gaia crush. His one weapon is a flail that is stored in the shoulder of Bolt gundam. 
Late in the series Natasha deacivates both his handcuffs and the bomb on his chest, freeing him while commiting a very serious crime. In the same move Natasha frees his crew, who bring Argo's pirate ship to Hong Kong to get all of the gundams out into space. Argo resumes his pirate life with Natasha Zabigov at his side as the series ends.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hidenari Ugaki
Rank Game #530 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Argo Gulskii
Name: アルゴ・ガルスキー
Romanji: Arugo Garusukī
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Fighter G Gundam #5
1st anime movie:
Aliases Black Joker
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Unarmed Combat
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