Aren't You an Alien? / Won't You Go to School? / Won't You Keep it?

Aren't You an Alien? / Won't You Go to School? / Won't You Keep it? is an anime episode of Squid Girl that was released on 11/01/2010

Not from this sea, are you?

A blonde, American woman in a bikini appears in the Lemon snack shop one day. She claims her name is Cyndi Campbell, and she is a researcher from MIT studying alien lifeforms. Upon seeing Squid Girl, she immediately assumes she is an alien and is excited at the idea that she has finally found an intelligent alien. Eventually, she manages to convince Squid Girl that she is an alien, and so she insists on being called an alien, but the girls finally make her snap out of it with a plate of shrimp fried rice.

Why not join the school of fish?

Squid Girl decides to follow Eiko to her school, where she runs around and thinks that she has infiltrated a human military base. So she kidnaps the principal with her tentacles and takes over the school's PA system. However, she is stuck on what exactly her next step is after "conquering" the school. Eiko soon comes into the room and smacks Squid Girl before dragging her off.

Wouldn't having a pet be squid-tastic?

Eiko finds a miniature Squid Girl on the beach. She later decides to take it home and treat it as a beloved pet. The story quickly shows the times they have together, even up to the point where the Squid Girl watches Eiko die of old age. It later turns out that the entire segment was a dream that Sanae had, and she wonders aloud why she saw Eiko instead of herself.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tsutomu Mizushima Director
Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Michiko Yokote Writer
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.


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