Area 88 Characters

Area 88 is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series
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Former RAF pilot, now flying from Area 88. Haunted by the ghosts of his former wingmen.


A multi-tour veteran of Area 88. The fact that he's accomplished this feat has earned him the nickname "Invulnerable".

Goh Mutsugi

Photographer for an European news service, come to Area 88 to cover the Aslan civil war and the pilots in Aslan's foreign legion.


Quartermaster and head scrounger for Area 88.

Micky Simon

Vietnam War veteran, who volunteered for service at Area 88 after being unable to rejoin civilian life after the war.

Nguyen Van Com

Fighter pilot at Area 88. Former lieutenant in the South Vietnamese Air Force until the end of the Vietnam war.

Ryoko Tsugumo

Daughter of the head of Yamato Airlines, and Shin's beloved.

Saki Vashtal

Commander of forces at the Area 88 fighter base.

Satoru Kanzaki

Orphan and a "friend" to Saki from his time in the orphanage. Sells out Saki to Area 88 and takes his job.

Shin Kazama

Airline pilot for Yamato Airlines who is betrayed by his best friend and sent to serve as a mercenary at Area 88.

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