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Area 8 is a anime/manga location
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Otherwise known as the Rain Continent, Area 8 is one of the 8 Major landmasses that make up the deadly Gourmet World. It is ruled over by Heracles, one of the 8 Kings of the Gourmet World, and it is also the continent where the Gourmet God Acacia's Salad Dish, AIR, grows.


Area 8 is a vast continent located in the Gourmet World. The size of the continent itself is far larger than any found in the Human World, yet is still considered small in comparison to other continents located in the Gourmet World. It’s commonly known as the “Rain Continent” mainly due to the existence of multiple types of rain such as Poison Rain, Slow Rain, and Laser Rain. Each section of the continent has its own type of environment coupled with its own unique type of rain.

The continent is inhabited by extremely powerful Horse type creatures, and is ruled over by the Horse King Heracles, one of the immensely powerful Eight Kings of the Gourmet World.

At the very centre of Area 8 lies Slow Rain Hills, which contains the legendary ingredient that makes up the Gourmet God Acacia’s Salad Dish, AIR. The ingredient itself grows of a massive Air Tree located deep within Slow Rain Hills.

The reason behind the constant and unique types of rain on the continent is due to Heracles and his children being Aerovores (Creatures that feed off air), causing drops in pressure across the continent. The only time the rain on the continent is stated to stop is if the ingredient AIR located at the centre of the continent ripens and falls to the ground, releasing a massive amount of AIR, enough to blow away all of the clouds that cover the continent.


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Gold Swamp

Gold Swamp is a vast body of liquid like gold dust that separates Yutou Island from the main land of Area 8. It's considered one of the most famous views in the world, and the Gold Dust has an abnormally high specific gravity which gives it great buoyancy. Despite its looks the swamp is plagued by a phenomenon called Steel Clouds.

Hex Food World

Hex Food World is one of the seven great civilizations that still exist and thrive in the deadly Gourmet World. Found on Area 8s main land, it houses a numerous friendly creatures and beasts alike. It is also the home to Tengu Brunch, one of the world’s most skilled chefs, and the Daruma Hermit, leader of the village.

Atmosphere Garden

Atmosphere is a peaceful and nurturing place that is located not far from Hex Food World. It experiences "Fertilizer Rain", which nourishes the plants and makes the land extremely fertile and good for healing due to the higher levels of oxygen.

Stardust Hill
Stardust Hill is a deadly region of Area 8 that provides one of four routes into Slow Rain Hills. The rain that is present here is called "Meteorite Rain", which ravages the landscape leaving it broken and highly unfertile.
Poison Rain Prairie

Poison Rain Prairie is a deadly region of Area 8 that provides one of the four routes into Slow Rain Hills. It suffers from the rain known as "Poison Rain", which blankets the area with a highly deadly poison rainfall. Despite the nature of the rain, grass seems to grow in this region. The rain can also turn into what is called "hail", which is strong enough to dissolve anything it touches instantly.

Plains of the Bees' Nest

Plains of the Bees' Nest is a deadly region of Area 8 that provides one of the four routes into Slow Rain Hills. It's a vast area that experiences "Laser Rain", a heavy downpour of lasers from the sky which riddle the landscape with holes. The rain can fall in large groups at extremely high speeds in a phenomenon that is known as "Laser Squall".

Nightmare Hill

Nightmare Hill is a deadly region of Area 8 that provides one of the four routes into Slow Rain Hills. Unlike the other three routes into Slow Rain Hills, Nightmare Hill seemingly does not have its own unique rain. To pass through this region, one must make a "sacrifice" to the Horse King Heracles, the ruler of Area 8. Aside from Heracles, the area is inhabited by many more horse type creatures and beasts, making the region just as deadly as the other three routes.

Slow Rain Hills

Slow Rain Hills is a large region of Area 8 that is located right at the heart of the Area. It is protected by four deadly routes that one must pass through before gaining access to Slow Rain Hills itself. It experiences "Slow Rain" like its name, large droplets of water that fall through the air almost in slow motion. Its significance is that this is the region on Area 8 which contains and grows the fabled ingredient AIR, the salad dish on the Gourmet God Acacia's Full Course Menu.

General Information Edit
Location Name Area 8
Japanese Name: エリアエイト
Romaji Name: Eria Eito
Aliases Rain Continent
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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