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Area 11 is the designation that was given to the island-nation of Japan after they surrendered to the invading forces of the Britannian Empire. The people were also reclassified from Japanese to Elevens.


Area 11 is the new designation assigned to the island nation of Japan by the Holy Britannian Empire upon its conquering; the Japanese people come to be called "Elevens." The tiny nation was an early move on the part of Britannia to move east from its dominance of North and South America.

The Britannian elite established a settlement in Tokyo, consigning Elevens to Shinjuku, which came to be known as the Shinjuku Ghetto: birth place of the resistance team that eventually became part of Zero's Black Knights. The Tokyo Settlement is home to the Ashford Academy, where many of those involved in the events of Code Geass attend school, including Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi.


Japanese Govt.

It was during the occupation of the Britannian Empire that the people of Japan lived under the tyrannical governing of the the Viceroys that were appointed by the Britannian Royal Family. After the liberation of Japan, the nation once more returned to the government system of elected leaders that it had before the invasion.

Kaname Ohgi

Villetta Nu

Kaguya Sumeragi

Ashford Academy Students

The Ashford Academy was at one time a Britannian only school and much of the student body was made of of the children of elites or those with high social standing. It was a prestigious school created by the Ashford Foundation and it's existence predated the the Britannian invasion. After Area 11 was liberated, the school was desegregated.

Ashford Academy Student Council

The Ashford Student Council is the student governing body for the Ashford Academy in what was once called Area 11, now Japan. They are responsible for maintaining the budget for the numerous school clubs and school activities, such as the School Festival. During the leadership of Milly Ashford, there were more bizarre events planned, such as the Cross-Dressing Festival and the Absolute Silence Party.

Milly Ashford - Class President

Lelouch Lamperouge - Class Vice-President

Rivalz Cardemonde

Nina Einstein

Shirley Fenette

Kallen Kozuki

Suzaku Kururugi

Nunnally Lamperouge

Sayoko Shinozaki


Rolo Lamperouge

Gino Weinberg

Anya Elstreim

Class Body

Sophie Wood

Meeya I. Hillmick

Japanese (Elevens)

Originally, all Japanese citizens had their names removed and were called "Elevens". The official policy of the Britannian Empire was decrimination against all "Numbers". The only way to gain even the most basic rights was to become an Honorary-Britannian. After the defeat of the Britannian Empire, the Japanese were able to reclaim their own names once more, and all their rights.

Black Knights - Rebels

The military Organization known as the Black Knights was originally formed from a small group of Japanese rebels that were only causing minor problems for the ruling Britannian Empire from the ghettos, and they were considered terrorists. These rebels were the firsts to be led by the masked man known as Zero to strike back and work toward defeating the Empire.

Naoto Kozuki

Shinichiro Tamaki

Yoshitaka Minami

Kento Sugiyama




Black Knights - Four Holy Swords

The Four Holy Swords were originally a part of the Japan Liberation Front(JLF) that was made up of the surviving members of the Japanese military prior to the invasion of the Britannian Empire. They eventually joined the Black Knights after the last of the remaining JLF members were dead. the Four Holy Swords were easily integrated into the Black knights and held high ranking positions.

Kyoshiro Tohdoh

Nagisa Chiba

Ryōga Senba

Shogo Asahina

Kōsetsu Urabe

Black Knights - Misc.

Rakshata Chawla

Despite the fact that Rakshata Chawla is not Japanese but of East-Indian decent. She is also not a citizen of the Britanian Empire. Rakshata is a major force for the Black Knights in the development of all their Knightmare Frames in using her background in cybernetics and KMF Engineering. She lives in the Tokyo, Japan region to maintain her pride and joy the Guren.

Mutsuki Minase

Ayame Futaba

Ichijiku Hinata

Kizuna Kagesaki

Japan Liberation Front

The Japan Liberation Front(JLF) was the slowly dwindling military force that was causing the most trouble for the Britannian Empire during their occupation of Japan. their members were made up of the original Japanese military. The majority of their members died, and the remaining living soldiers were absorbed into the Black Knights.

Katase Tatewaki


Six Houses of Kyōto

The Six Houses of Kyōto (キョウト六家 , Kyōto Rokka) are Japanese elites who cooperated with the Britannian Empire after the invasion of Japan. Though they feign compliance, they secretly fund Japanese subversive groups across the nation using their riches, such as the Japan Liberation Front and the Black Knights.

Taizō Kirihara

Hidenobu Kubouin

Tousai Munakata

Tatsunori Osakabe

Kaguya Sumeragi


Former Government Officials

Genbu Kururigi (deceased)

Atsui Sawasaki (arrested)

Japanese Citizens

Though basic citizens at one time had to choose between living in the ghettos as Elevens or live in the settlements as Honorary Britannians. They were once more called Japanese after the Empire was defeated.

Kallen's Mother

Britannian Govt. Officials

Viceroy Clovis la Britannia

Viceroy Cornelia li Britannia

Sub-Viceroy Euphemia li Britannia

Viceroy Carales

Sub-Viceroy Cornwall

Viceroy Nunnally vi Britannia

Alicia Lohmeyer

Britannian Citizens

Diethard Ried

Joseph Fenette

Black King

Kallen's Stepmother


Tokyo Settlement

Viceroy Palace

Ashford Academy

Babel Tower

Chinese Consulate

Tokyo Tower Museum

Clovis Memorial Art Museum


Omotesando Mall

Yokosuka Port

Shinjuku Redevelopment Area - Block Five

Kyushu Block

Lake Kawaguchi


Mount Fuji Sakuradite Mines

Saitama Ghetto

Shizuoka Ghetto

Shikine Island

Kamine Island

General Information Edit
Location Name Area 11
Japanese Name: エリア11
Romaji Name: eria erebun
Aliases Japan
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion #1
1st anime movie:
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