Are you two going out?

Are you two going out? is an anime episode of Genshiken 2 that was released on

Plot Summary

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 Tanaka is stitching some clothes while the Ohno takes the clothes to try it out. As she undress and unhinge her purple bra, the man turns on the TV. Meanwhile the man with the glasses talk to this guy about Tanaka and Ohno. The man with the glasses starts talking about hentai games with the boy. The boy talks about breasts and how Oono-san does not fit cosplay. The man with glasses ask some of their friends about Tanaka and Ohno's relationship. Another man goes off in rant about some game and completing every heroine storyline. The same man who goes in the rant ask Tanaka and Oohno if they are going out. The man gets beat up by two of his friends, first the blonde woman and then the blonde man. Ohno quickly beat up the man who ranted earlier.
At the school or college, Saki asks Kanako Ohno about Tanaka. She knows Kanako likes him as Kanako blushes. Kanako replies that Tanaka just ignores her at crucial moments. Saki tells Ohno to cosplay as a hentai character when Kanako tells her that she cannot cosplay without violating the character's integrity. Meanwhile, Kanji and Chika talk.
Tanaka and Kanako head off to some cosplay place. When Tanaka tells Kanako about heading to an after party, Kanako decides to leave to change her packing stuff. Another scene of Kanji and Harunobu talking. Back to Tanaka, Tanaka asks his friend about him holding back in front of Ohno. Tanaka's friend tells him that he will be a virgin forever. 
At Kanako's place, Kanako asks Tanaka which hentai games he plays. As Kanako looks at the cases, she tells him that she will cosplay as this person. At first, Tanaka refuses to beat the scenario. Tanaka finally agrees to Kanako's request to play the hentai game. As the game progresses, Tanaka gives up. Tanaka tells her that he is ugly, and that he loves her and thinks cosplay is his only way to show his happiness. 
As Kanako turns the light off, she kiss Tanaka. Tanaka suddenly grabs her and kisses her passionately. The two confesses to each other that it was their first kiss. The scene drifts with erotic moaning which ends with a guy (Kanji) drinking. Sounds like erotic moaning. IMPLIED SEX SCENE
After the credits, Manubu (or some other guy?) comes out as a cosplay for some hentai character. He is surprised when Kanako beat him to it. He runs and bump into a big man, and he runs out the door.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Saki Kasukabe ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Chika Ogiue ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Kinji Yoshimoto Director
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
Kio Shimoku Original Concept Famed for writing Genshiken, most of his work was published by Afternoon Magazine.
Masaya Koike Music


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