Arcana Duello

Arcana Duello is an anime episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia that was released on 09/16/2012

The Arcana duello and to save Papa she must be a pick a lover. The duello will unleash everybody power and desire.


Plot Summary

Don't underestimate Felicita
Don't underestimate Felicita

Mondo begins the Arcana Duello and announces that winner will have the right to marry Felicità and earn the title, Papa. Also, he will grant their wish as well. The maids go over the rules, and one of the rules is that the winner must beat Mondo in order to earn the title. The first match begins with Felicità who defeats her opponent, and then, a montage of Libertà and the others clearing their preliminary matches is shown. With those matches done, Debito and Felicità have their match, and Debito tells Felicità that he will steal her away. Yet, he finds himself defeated in a flash. In her next match, Felicità defeats Pace quickly. Luca shares a lengthy talk with Felicità, and he states that he first thought about withdrawing. However, he changes his mind and tells Felicità that he will not lose. Though, Luca ends up with the same fate as Debito and Pace. Jolly appears, and Debito remarks that Jolly withdrew from the tournament using his adviser position. Jolly states that Felicita used the Wheel of Fortune to beat them, and Debito and his group learn that Felicita could not change the relationship between her father and his card due to Felicità's current experience.

Sumire fends off Nova's attacks
Sumire fends off Nova's attacks

In the next match, Dante and Libertà face off. At the same time, Nova and Sumire are about to start their battle. In the audience, Gli Amanti tells Felicità to choose someone, and Felicita is still wondering who to pick. In Liberta's match, Libertà dodges Dante's shots, and Dante throws away his bazooka. Dante engages Libertà in a sword match, and Liberta who recalls his fights with Dante gets his sword knocked out. As Libertà looks at Felicità, he uses Arcana Powers to have his sword fly back into his hands. He defeats Dante after knocking Dante's sword away and pinning him. In Nova's match, Nova clashes with Sumire who wields a deadly fan, and he loses his sword. Nova recalls his memories with Sumire, and as he looks at Felicità, he grabs his sword and defeats Sumire with the back blade strike. In the dark corridor, Nova reveals the engagement ring for Felcità to Sumire who believes Nova found it by chance, and he tells Sumire that he will win and give it to Felicità. When Libertà approaches, Sumire remarks that this match is destiny as well.

Liberta vs Nova
Liberta vs Nova

The semifinals begins with Libertà and Nova facing off in an intense sword fight after their little chat. Felicità's Arcana Powers activate suddenly, and she reads Libertà's heart first then Nova's heart. In Libertà's heart, she hears him talking about how he wants Felicità to know his true self and that he will free her. In Nova's heart, she hears him talking about fighting for Felicità to show his gratitude for Felicità who helped him deal with his past. Nova states that he will proud to present the ring. As the sun goes down, Nova and Libertà are still fighting the very end, and both of them use their Arcana Powers to fullest. Libertà uses Destino Lustreggiare while Nova uses Fuuka Renyuu. After a violent clash of their Arcana Powers, Liberta wakes up to see Nova waking up in the bed next to him. The two learn from Sumire, Dante, and Jolly that their match is a draw and that Felicità defeated Mondo. Also, Felicità has restore Mondo back to normal.

Mondo is not holding back
Mondo is not holding back

In a recap of Felicità's match, she engages her father with brutal kicks, but her father block them. She reads her father's heart where Mondo says that he will give this match his all. As Mondo starts a barrage of fists which Felicità dodges, he says (in his mind) that he will give each member of the family an equal amount of love. He says that Felicita must be strong and kind enough to love anyone. She recalls Libertà and Nova's passion for her. Mondo stops due to the pain in his chest, and Felicità sheds tears. She apologizes to her father. Mondo blasts Felicità who quickly exposes her back. Her back reveals the stigmata for the Wheel of Fortune.

With the tournament over, Felicità embraces Libertà and Felicità and thanks them. During Felicità's 17th birthday, Mondo allows Felicità to speak her wish. Felicità states that she will let her father be Papa since she is not ready. Mondo asks for those who want to marry his daughter must step forward and fight him.

Points of Interest

  • Debito's stigmata is on his left ankle.
  • Pace's stigmata is on his right hand.
  • Luca's stigmata is on his tongue.
  • Felicità's stigmata for Gli Amanti is on her chest while the Wheel of Fortune's is on her back.
  • Both the opening and ending sequence are not played, but their songs are played. (See MISC section)


  • Felicità - red witch of Regalo
  • Libertà - young sailor king of Regalo
  • Nova - Regalo's hard-as-corundum swordsman
  • Debito - Regalo's Don Juan Tenorio
  • Pace - Regalo's wild man who drinks like a fish and eats like a horse
  • Luca - the high class servant who loves Regalo
  • Dante - the giant of the sea who protects Regalo
  • Sumire - Regalo's exotic priestess

Moves used

  • Tra coppo scomparire - Debito's move allows him to be invisible.
  • Il pacio dell'angelo - Luca's move negates people's Arcana Powers
  • Destino Lustreggiare - Libertà's final move
  • Fuuka Renyuu - Nova's final move


  • English Translation of Episode: Arcane Duel
  • Opening Theme: "Magenta Another Sky" by Hitomi Harada (No anime sequence played)
  • Ending Theme: "Pieces of Treasure" by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga (played during the middle of Nova and Liberta's match)

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chiyomi Sara Original Concept She's the original character designer of Arcana Famiglia, so she counts as Original Concept.
Chiaki Kon Director She's the director of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.


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