Arcadia of My Youth Concepts

Arcadia of My Youth is an anime movie in the Space Pirate Captain Harlock Franchise
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Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.

Heroic Sacrifice

An act when someone gives up something of great importance for a greater good.


Arcadia of My Youth serves as the linchpin of the Leijiverse as it tells the origin story of Captain Harlock, who appears or is referenced in nearly every Leiji Matsumoto series.

Origin Story

The tale of how a hero or villain came to be who they are.


A Pirate is one who steal at sea or and plunders at land. It can also be a term used for adventurers who don't follow the laws of the land.


The massive battle of death between 2 factions or nations. Can either be because of religion, need for power or wealth, hatred of the other faction/nation etc.

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