Arc of Embodiment

Arc of Embodiment is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 11/25/2011
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Elfman and Evergreen continue their fight against Rustyrose whose powers are proven to be more formidable than expected while Loke takes on Caprico in a one-on-one battle to protect Lucy. In the meantime, Natsu gets wind of and runs towards Ultear's scent that he believes is Zalty's as Ultear holds Zeref close to her. Will the members of Fairy Tail be victorious, or will they succumb to the overwhelming power of the Seven Kin?

Plot Summary

Rustyrose: There's nothing you can do
Rustyrose: There's nothing you can do

Ultear is seen embracing an unconscious Zeref while Elfman, holding Evergreen, runs from Rustyrose's beast, Thunderclap Belcusas, only to reach a dead end. Evergreen immediately yells at Elfman for his poor sense of direction which subsequently led them to the edge of a cliff with Elfman retorting that she should run on her own next time. As Belcusas corners them, Evergreen gives Elfman an idea which involves him throwing her over its head and then provoking it to attack him, causing the edge to break off and Belcusas to fall off the edge. Despite Elfman's success at defeating it, Evergreen starts to yell and kick him for throwing her so recklessly and using her as a decoy. Rustyrose then appears and congratulates them for beating his sacred beast but starts to pity their struggle for survival and hence claims that "trash" like them won't be needed in the Great World of Magic. Elfman angrily responds to this "ideal" world of magic saying that it would eliminate nearly 90% of the world's population that don't have any magic. Rustyrose tells him that that's what makes them useless, hence it only makes sense to get rid of them but Elfman retorts saying that these people exist to help each other survive. The guilds give them the power while the normal people give them the rewards. Rustyrose merely says that Elfman doesn't understand and that when Zeref's true power awakens, he won't be able to do anything about it except grovel before the dark wizard. But Elfman states that Fairy Tail will not bow down as he charges at Rustyrose.

Rustyrose's Dimguil Tower
Rustyrose's Dimguil Tower

Rustyrose however transforms his arm, called the Blade of Darkness, and easily knocks back Elfman. As he tries to deliver the finishing blow, Elfman dodges it and grabs ahold of his arm. As he says that the basics in Take Over is to know one's opponent, Elfman Takes Over Rustyroses' Blade of Darkness and uses it to attack him. However, Rustyrose quickly transforms his other arm into a shield and blocks it. But to his surprise, Elfman steals his glasses and tells Evergreen to use her Stone Eyes. While casting her spell, Rustyrose seemingly gets affected by her gaze but soon reveals that it was all just an act to fool them as he slams Elfman to the ground and knocks back Evergreen. As she wonders why her Stone Eyes didn't work, Rustyrose explains that his power of imagination, Arc of Embodiment, enables him to turn anything he wants into reality and demonstrates his ability be creating a chain of glasses. After claiming that he had never been defeated, he calls forth Dimguil's Tower which traps Elfman and Evergreen. The latter begins to apologize to Elfman saying that he would've become S-Class if she wasn't his partner but he disagrees telling her that its because of her that he had gotten this far. As he thanks her for all her help, the tower explodes.

In the island's forest, Natsu awakens to a relieved Wendy and Happy and notices that his scarf returned to normal. Happy explains that Wendy fixed it for him and that she even flipped his vest back the way it was. He thanks her for it and suddenly seemingly starts to sniff her, causing her to feel extremely uncomfortable. But she soon learns that its a misunderstand as Natsu jumps in the air and says that he found the scent of the man he fought on Galuna Island (Zalty). Determined to get some pay back, he runs to track down Zalty's scent. Meanwhile, Kain takes a break in his search by having a huge meal and some ice cream that, to his disappointment, had already melted.

On the island's shorelines, Lahar and his fleet arrive to tend to the wounded from the warships that had been blown up by Azuma. As he was about to command the remaining officers to prepare for battle, Mest, known as Dranbalt, appears and explains that a three-way battle between Fairy Tail, Grimoire Heart and Zeref has already begun and that he has to report this to headquarters immediately. Lahar notes his disbelief in all of this and states that with Gran Doma's strict nature, its very likely that the Magic Council may fire Etherion once again. Dranbalt yells that although Fairy Tail is not on good terms with the Magic Council, they should not be lumped together with Zeref and Grimoire Heart but Lahar calmly responds that its not for them to decide and orders him to contact headquarters.

"Come back to me, no matter what!"
"Come back to me, no matter what!"

Elsewhere in the island's ruins, Caprico reveals Grimoire Heart's plans to bring about the Great World of Magic, with Lucy exclaiming that such a horrible world will not benefit anyone. Caprico explains that although he doesn't know Hades' true intentions, with Zeref's awakening, the world will be enveloped in magic and born anew. Gray refuses to allow it and takes his battle stance. But Loke steps in and volunteers to fight Caprico instead. Gray says there's no way he can fight him on his own especially when the four of them couldn't do it but Loke tells him that its because of Caprico's magic. He tells them that his magic, known as Human Subordination Magic, allows him to command a human's fighting power or magic for some time however it doesn't work on Celestial Spirits like himself. He then reveals that Caprico is, as they may have suspected, a Celestial being such as himself which starts to sadden Lucy at the prospect of seeing two spirits fight one another. After requesting Caprico a one-on-one battle between two spirits, he tells everyone to leave but Lucy refuses to do so, forcing Loke to yell at her to hurry and go. But before doing so, Lucy turns around and tells Loke to promise her that he'll return to her no matter what.

San Jiao Shin, Caprico's human summon
San Jiao Shin, Caprico's human summon

Not wasting any time, Loke makes the first move which surprises Caprico as he gets knocked back. But he quickly recovers and sends a kick to Loke. Loke asks how long he's been in the human world with Caprico answering 17 years and then inquires as to who his master is. Caprico replies that no human is his master but that he is the master of humans as he opens a gate and summons San Jiao Shin, who slashes Loke with his spear. As he wonders what just happened, Caprico explains that he summoned San Jiao Shin, the general of the victorious rebel army who became his subordinate after the civil war of Rubbenguard in 779. Caprico then asks about Lucy master, telling Loke that he's interested in subordinating her. As Caprico replayed Lucy's words to Loke in his mind, he suddenly recalled a memory when Lucy's mother Layla, said the exact words to him. As he finally makes the connection, he tells Loke that Lucy cannot live.

Meanwhile, Natsu runs in the direction of Zalty's scent with Happy right behind him. When asked why he's so determined to finish things with the man, Natsu replies that there's a point to it with Happy commenting that his mask was kind of cool and then inquires if Zalty's scent is the sweat inside the mask to which Natsu says its not. Not to far away, Ultear is stil holding an unconscious Zeref close to her and says that she'll make the future.

Points of Interest

  • Caprico is revealed to be the Zodiac Celestial Spirit, Capricorn.
  • Caprico seems to have some sort of history with Lucy's mother, Layla. He also appears to have a grudge against her for reasons yet to be explained.
  • Caprico's powers, which is called Human Subordination, enables him to summon humans and use control a human's fighting power/magic. It does not affect Celestial Spirits.
  • Caprico summoned a human named San Jiao Shin, a young general who led the rebel forces to victory in the civil war of Rubbenguard in 779.
  • Caprico has been in the human world for 17 years.
  • Evergreen and Elfman lose to Rustyrose. But they manage to defeat Rustyroses' beast, Thunderclap Belcucas (Anime Only).
  • Natsu catches (and still recognizes) Zalty's (Ultear's) scent.
  • Rustyrose's ability allows him to materialize anything from his own imagination. The limits of his powers are unknown.
  • This is the first time that Loke raised his voice at someone especially Lucy.
  • Lahar claims that the Magic Council may likely fire Etherion after learning that Zeref and Grimoire Heart are present on the island.
  • Nearly 90% of the world's population do not have magic. This means that only 10% of people do. Hence, the Great World of Magic would eliminate most of the world's population.
  • Mest's real name is Dranbalt.
  • Wendy changed Natsu's scarf back to normal.
  • Dranbalt defends Fairy Tail and shows sympathy for them.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers Chapters 222 (Vol. 26) and Chapter 223 (Vol. 27).

  • A few scenes with Evergreen and Elfman bickering were added in the anime.
  • Elfman and Evergreen's fight against Rustyrose was slightly altered in the anime. In the manga, they didn't defeat Rustyrose's beast, Thunderclap Belcucas. Also, Elfman's left arm was not injured.
  • Natsu sniffing, what it seems, Wendy didn't occur in the manga.
  • Dranbalt's (Mest's) flashbacks were slightly different in the anime.
  • The beginning of the battle between Caprico and Loke took place outside the island's ruins in the manga.
  • Happy's remark and joke about Zalty's mask and scent didn't occur in the manga.
  • Kain's scenes didn't occur in the manga.


Japanese Episode Name

"Gugen no Āku" (具現のアーク)

Story ArcTenrou Island
Manga Chapter222 and 223
Opening Theme"Towa No Kizuna" by Daisy x Daisy
Ending Theme"Kono Te Nobashite" by Hi-Fi Camp

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Shoji Yonemura Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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