Arakawa Under the Bridge Characters

Arakawa Under the Bridge is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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Tall, muscular woman who claims to be guarding a treasure chest.



A guitarist with a star-shaped mask covering his head. He is Ric's rival in trying to woo Nino.


Kou Ichinomiya

Heir to the Ichinomiya family, from his birth he was taught to never be indebted to anyone.

Last Samurai

A master hairstylist who speaks in antiquated Japanese, might have a grudge against Sister.


A pink-haired girl who runs a dairy farm for the Arakawa residents. However, her lovely smile hides a dark, sadistic side.


The mayor of the people on the Arakawa riverbank.


A strange homeless girl who lives under a bridge. She claims that she is from Venus


Red-headed girl who grows the fruits and vegetables for the Arakawa people. Has an unrequited crush on the Mayor.

Seki Ichinomiya

Recruit's father.


An assistant who works for Kou's father.


A middle-aged man who dresses like a nun and acts like a soldier, carrying weaponry for every situation. In love with Maria, but fears being shot down by her.


A girl who was raised by Sister in an England orphanage and fell in love with him. Picked up some of his habits as well.

Terumasa Takai

Kou's personal secretary who grew a little too fond of him after Takai's wife left him.




A former businessman who now carries a linemaker called "Cornish" wherever he goes. Has a fear of leaving the white line.

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