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A girl with strange mental abilities is suddenly thrown into a world of insect-themed assassins.


Alice Fuji has trouble concentrating on things at school, and often is the target of bullies. Her home life isn't much better, being forced to live with an abusive uncle. However, when her uncle is killed by an assassin for an unpaid debt, she becomes drawn into the world of the bug-themed assassins within a group calling itself The Organization. Now that Alice is being trained by a spider-themed assassin with abilities similar to hers, will she be able to escape this world or be destroyed by it?


The manga was written by Shinya Murata and drawn by Shinsen Ifuji. Murata has written one other work before this called Jackals, which featured superhuman assassins in a fake 19th century-style town.


Alice Fuji
Kumo (Arachnid)
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Book 3
Book 2
Oct. 22, 2010
Book 1
July 22, 2010
General Information Edit
English Name Arachnid
Japanese Name: アラクニド
Romaji: Arakunido
Publisher Square Enix
Start Year 2009
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