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Ar Tonelico is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Aurica Nestmile

Aurica is a revyateil with very little talent do to the mental trauma of seeing her home town burn down at a young age.

Cloche Leythal Pastalia

The figure head of The Grand Bell, Cloche met Croix when the sacred army attacked the resort she was staying at.

Croix Bartel

The main character of the second one, Croix's family was killed in an I.P.D. outbreak, because of this he joined The Grand Bell Knights, to subdue I.P.Ds, and to create Metafalica,


A retuning character, Jacqli didn't want to tell anyone her real name, so everybody just called her the name of the robot she controlled, Jacqli decided to join's Croix's group interested in the concept of making new land

Luca Trulywaath

Croix's girlfriend, Luca Trulyworth is just a normal revyateil who works as a dive therapist.

Lyner Barsett

The main character of the first game, Lyner is the son of a political leader in Pastelia. But, refusing to go into politics Lyner became a Knight of Enmia, much to his father's dismay.


A dog like creature with the ability to speak, his only goal is to keep the goddess safe


The head of the virus defense force, Shurelia sent Lyner to find a special Hymn Crystal to help defeat a new bread of virus and stop Mir, the mother virus, despite her combat abilities, she suffers from a bad since of direction, and thus get's lost easily

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