Aquarion Characters

Aquarion is a franchise comprised of 3 anime series, 2 manga series
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Amata Sora

He's the main protagonist to the series Aquarion: Evol which he brakes the bond that prevented the unification between male and female. He is able to do this while he was protecting Mikono from abductors.

Andy W. Hole

Andy is a character from Aquarion EVOL. He is Amata Sora's best friend and his element ability lets him dig holes in anything. He has feelings for MIX.


Apollo was found in the snow by Baron. Apollo was raised together with boron out on the streets with other orphans. Boron named Apollo because the way his foot prints simmered reminded him of the Greek god of fire(Apollo. Apollo is also the reincarnation of solar wing or also know as Apollonius. When he first meet the DEAVA(Division of Earth Vitalization Advancement)agents he acts like a wild animal, but after seeing his power they start to realize he's solar wing.

Kagura Demuri

A charater from Aquarion EVOL. Kagura comes from the planet of Altair, and is constantly trying to capture Mikono.


MIX is a character from the Aquarion Evol series.

Mikono Suzushiro

Aquarion Evol's main heroine. A kind-natured girl who lacks self-confidence.

Zessica Wong

She's a student who thinks that unification with girls was boring and wanted to do it with guys instead. She also has a crush towards Amata which is shown when she buys a picture of Amata.

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