Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution Concepts

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution is an anime series in the Aquarian Age franchise
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One of the factions of the Aquarian Age series. The Arayashiki represent the eastern mages, primarily the onmyouji, who practice magic in theory with the Tao.

Bad Turned Good

Also known as redemption. This is when someone who was previously wicked decided to become good.

Cat Fight

A term given to an altercation between two women.


A live performance or show were musicians perform before a live audience.

Dark Side

Not to be confused with "Evil Twin" which is a completely different person who is an evil version of a character, the Dark Side is an internal evil persona of a character. It is often seen as a figure that must be defeated to gain control over one's own body and gain extra powers.


One of the factions in the Aquarian Age series. The Darklore faction consists of demihumans and monsters.


The belief of predetermined events.

Dreams & Nightmares

The imaginary events that goes on in your head when you are asleep. In some anime's they can bring important messages or to haunt a person.


One of the factions in the Aquarian Age series. The E.G.O. represent the next level of human evolution and possess powerful psionic abilities.


One of the factions in the Aquarian Age series. The Eraser faction is the only non-earth based faction.


A girl who is a loyal fan to some person, show, book, or other objects; and takes this support to an almost extreme level at times. A true fanatic.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.

Good Turned Bad

Also known as corruption, this is when someone previously goodhearted becomes sinister.

Heroic Sacrifice

An act when someone gives up something of great importance for a greater good.


A feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival).


One of the factions in the Aquarian Age series. The Mindbreakers are mostly males and have the ability to unlock potential powers and control anybody from the other factions.


Someone or something heavily involved with music.


The act of controling an individual, making him preform actions at your will.


Rivals are competitor to someone. Unlike an enemy, rivals could have similar goals but disagree on the process.

Time Skip

When a series jumps several months or even several years. Usually used in series staring younger kids and it resumes when they're teenagers or even adults.


One of the factions of the Aquarian Age series. WIZ-DOM represent western magery, which includes pagan, druidic, and even kabbalistic magic.

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