Aqua is a anime/manga character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise
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An artificial keyblade wielder who is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts.


Aqua and Terra train under Eraqus. One day, Xehanort dropped off Ventus. Both Terra and Aqua get to meet him until they realized Ven has amnesia. Four years later, Terra and Aqua come to the Mark of Mastery Exam. Aqua won the exam since Xehanort gave darkness to Terra. Aqua was tasked to find Cinderella, defeat Unversed and find Xehanort. At Radiant Garden, Aqua's keyblade was touched by a girl named Kairi.(It gave Kairi the ability to use keyblades.) At the time, she met Mickey Mouse (who was Yen Sid's apprentice). After fighting the Unversed, Aqua cast a magic spell at Kairi so the light of Kairi will lead to the light of another. At the Keyblade Graveyard, Aqua found Ven who is frozen. She battled Xehanort's vessel and ally, Braig until Ven thawed. At the time, Ven and Vanitas fused to forge the X-Blade. Aqua broke Ven and Vanitas' X-Blade since it is incomplete. Aqua put Ven at the Chamber of Awakening at the ruined Land of Departure. The land would later become Castle Oblivion. At Radiant Garden, Aqua found Terra. (In reality, Xehanort took Terra as a vessel while his armor became a person) Xehanort's guardian sent Xehanort to the Realm of Darkness. Aqua came to rescue Terra. She sent Terra, her armor and her keyblade to Radiant Garden so Aqua can live in the darkness for 11 years. After 11 years, she came across Ansem the Wise who was exiled there twice. Ansem told Aqua about what happened to Ansem over the 11 years.

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Name: Aqua
Gender: Female
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Attractive Female
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