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It is six months later, and Akari is now a Single and being personally coached by Alicia. With the chief Undine accompanying her, she is allowed to transport guests, and her first one is a man who works on the floating island Ukijima. He persists in calling Akari "Sideburns" due to her long pigtails and hires her to give him a ride to work. Akari's efforts are slow at best, causing the man to grow impatient. As a last resort, Akari turns the boat around and shocks her guest by rowing backwards. Now, having picked up the necessary speed, she is able to bring him to his destination on time, and the man expresses his gratitude by tugging on her pigtail. After he leaves, she discovers that she has forgotten to collect his fare.


On the day that the girls do their regular house cleaning, President Aria is not allowed to help. He becomes depressed and runs away (to the roof). He spends the day seeking friends to comfort him. First, he enjoys feeding a bird, but it soon sees another bird and flies away; then, he decides to visit Hime, but she is occupied with Aika. Left with no one else, he sits on the roof and sulks. Later Akari and Alicia find him stuck up there and help him down, just in time to enjoy the evening meal.


Akari is introduced to the Neo-Venezia custom of night-light bells, handheld wind chimes that glow in the dark. They are found only on Aqua, she is told, and have a lifespan of about a month, during which time the little hanging ball, a little stone called Yakou, becomes dimmer and dimmer until it finally drops off. Every night that summer, Akari and President Aria take a boat out to sea and have tea together. One night, Alicia joins them. It is the night that all Neo-Venezia gathers on the water with their night-light bells to bid their spent Yakous farewell. However, Akari's night-light bell happens to be that rare one that leaves behind a small crystal in place of the fallen stone.


President Aria's favorite weekly TV show is Nyan-Nyan Puu, about the adventures of a super-hero cat. Inspired by the main character, he secretly dons a similar costume and wonders the city in search of people needing help. He happens upon a little girl who has left behind her doll; so, he retrieves the doll and rushes after her, encountering one obstacle after another in an effort to return it.


The end of summer, and the girls are going to see the annual fireworks display. With Akari's first customer, Akatsuki, as their guide, they take the transport up to the floating island of Ukijima. Akatsuki explains that Ukijima is a climate-control unit for Aqua, regulating the planet's sunlight and atmosphere with a giant furnace that is guarded by Salamanders such as himself. Akari sees real fireworks for the first time and right on the spot emails her friend with a first-hand account of the display.


Aika catches cold and is in bed for several days, missing out on practice. Akari and Alicia want to pay her a visit, but Aika is unwilling to receive them. Still, they barge in anyway. Aika explains herself, how she had become bored with being sick and had went out the previous day for pudding; on her outing, she had seen Akari and Alicia practicing and gotten depressed because she was unable to join them; then, she had gotten scared and ran back to her bedroom and spent the night crying. She says that she is now more determined than ever to get better and promptly orders them to leave. They, on the other hand, promptly show her the pudding that they have brought, and Aika pleads with them to stay.

ALSO INCLUDES: Two Bonus 4-panel Comics, one based on Volume 1 and another on Volume 2


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