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Akakura is a theme park actor who plays Red Leader of the Demon Squadron Matengers.


Baika is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of heiress Reiko Hishii.

Chika Arisaka

Chika Arisaka is an amusement park employee who dreams of overcoming her timidness and become an actress.

Daigo Watanabe

Daigo Watanabe was an average eightteen year old student who found himself engaged to be married to Reiko Hishii, the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family.


Hiromi is the lead-idol of The Rodeo 5 singing group.

Kaoru Otobe

Kaoru Otobe is a feminine looking young man who's known to others as Otohime.


Katsumi is far more timid that her twin sister, Tazuna; and she's in love with her neighbor Misaki.

Mari Kyouno

Mari Kyouno is a girl who feels cursed with the ability of telepathy that causes her to feel when those around her are having sex.


Megumi is a young women who went to a winter hot spring resort with friends, but made some very special memories without them.


Misaki is a young man who's in love with the twin sisters, Katsumi and Tazuna.


Ouka is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of heiress Reiko Hishii.

Reiko Hishii

Reiko Hishii is the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family who is in search for her future-husband has part of her family's traditions.


Shinohara is a photographer and number one fan of the Rodeo 5 singer, Hiromi.

Shunsuke Oota

Shunsuke Oota is the shy and bashful boyfriend of Yura Akane.


Takase is a human man who inadvertently obtained the telepathic powers of his girlfriend Mari Kyouno.


Tazuna is the flirty and outgoing twin sister of Katsumi.

Yukari Noda

Yukari Noda is an aggressive school girl who saved her male classmate, Kaoru Otobe, from a molester only to make him her personal toy.

Yura Akane

Yura Akane is a young petite woman who's growing frustrated with her shy boyfriend, Shunsuke Oota.

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