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Aqua Bless is an erotic manga series created by Yamatogawa. It's a collection of various connected short stories of the fantastic and erotic adventures of a several, separate couples.


Aqua Bless JPN (Feb 2007)
Aqua Bless JPN (Feb 2007)

Aqua Bless (アクアブレス) is an ero-manga series that was written and illustrated by was written by Yamatogawa. It was first published by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2006.


  • Akaneshinsha (Japan)
  • Icarus Publishing (North America)
  • Project H (North America)

Publication History



Mari Kyouno

Mari Kyouno is a girl who feels cursed with her power of telepathy that she can't control. Whenever she is in the area of anyone having sex, she can feel every sensation as if it's happening to her own body.


Takase is a student who goes to the same school as Mari Kyouno. He finds her one day in teh city and she doesn't seem well. Out of worry for her, he follows her till he sees she collapses. He rushes to her aid, and she tells him about her telepathy. Though he tried to help her forget about the sensations she's always feeling, he accidentally contracts the same power she has.

Travel and LOVE-ru

Yura Akane

Yura Akane is a young woman who's growing ever frustrated by her shy boyfriend, Shunsuke. Every time she tries to draw his attentions, he pulls away. After winning a trip to a a beach resort, she feels this is a good chance to get closer to him.

Shunsuke Oota

Shunsuke Oota is a young and bashful young man who struggles with his own feelings and passion for his girlfriend. He has the same feelings and desires as any man, but he's worried his girlfriend Yura will think poorly of him if he's aggressive.



Hiromi is the lead singer of The Rodeo 5. As a busy pop idol, she has nearly no time for herself, and she's resorted to sneak away to masturbate and find release.


Shinohara is the number one fan of Hiromi, the lead singer of The Rodeo 5 singing group. He frequently goes to her events to take pictures. He had talked to her at events and she surprisingly even knew his name.



Katsumi is the bookish and shy twin sister of Tazuna. She's been in love with their neighbor Misaki for a long time but suspects he's in love with her more outlandish sister. To find out, she tries disguising herself as Tazuna to surprising effect.


Tazuna is the free-spirited twin of Katsumi. She's much more aggressive and flirty. She soon discovers that her sister has been impersonating her to approach the boy she likes.


Misaki is the neighbor of the two sisters, Katsumi and Tazuna. He's an average young man who's actually interested in both of the sisters.

Super Demon Squadron Matenger

Chika Arisaka

Chika Arisaka is a young woman and aspiring actress. She works at an amusement park and assists the performers in the Super Demon Squadron Matenger stage show. She admired the dedication of Akakura and hopes to join him on the stage.


Akakura is a stage actor who plays Matenger Red at the Super Demon Squadron Matenger show at an amusement park. One day, he offers their assistant Chika the chance she's always wanted and play Empress Rubia.

Train Woman

Yukari Noda

Yukari Noda is a brash and aggressive young woman who saved her feminine looking classmate from a gay molester on the train, but this wasn't out of the kindness of her heart. To tease the boy everyone called Otohime, she dresses him like a girl to take on the train and blackmail him to be her toy.

Kaoru Otobe

Kaoru Otobe is a feminine looking young man who everyone calls Otohime. On the train a man tried to molest him, but Yukari from his school appeared with some of her friends and scared him off by blackmailing the man away. When Yukari offered to help him avoid that situation. Her idea was for him to wear her clothes and board the women only car.

Lady Impact

Daigo Watanabe

Daigo Watanabe is a timid young man who was often bullied every day at school. He was shocked when a rich heiress swept him away suddenly and saying he was her future husband.

Reiko Hishii

Reiko Hishii is the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family in Japan. As part of family tradition, she to swear herself in marriage to the best eighteen year old male in the nation who has the most prominent qualities.


Ouka is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of Reiko Hishii. She aides Reiko in any and all ways she may need.


Baika is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of Reiko Hishii. She aides Reiko in any and all ways she may need.

Winter Memory


Megumi is an average tourist to a winter hot spring resort but is abandoned by her friends for some single guys. She's invited to go night skiing by one of the local employees, a young boy. He leads her to a hidden away hot spring where together they create some incredible winter memories.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Aqua Bless
Feb. 24, 2007
General Information Edit
English Name Aqua Bless
Japanese Name: AQUA BLESS
Romaji: Akua Buresu
Publisher Akaneshinsha
Start Year 2006
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