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Apostle is a anime/manga concept
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Emperor Ganishka

Ganishka is the Emperor of the Kushan empire and a powerful Apostle of the Godhand. Unlike the other Apostles he didn't follow Griffith after his rebirth, considering that the world is rightfully his.


He is an extremely strong apostle but honorable and shows respect to those he deems worthy, such as Guts and Zodd.


An Apostle that serves under Griffith and his newly reformed Band of the Hawk. Irvine excels in the art of ranged combat. As such, Irvine is one of the only members of the Hawk that is not dressed or armored like his peers.


A very proud apostle who would serve no one until he met Griffith. His full apostle form turns him into a metallic centaur.


An exile of the Kushan's. The reason for his joining the Hawks is to get a chance to cut off Griffiths "Pretty Head".


A young female Apostle who sacrificed her parents to obtain the form of a winged elf.

Snake Baron

An apostle who was killed by Guts during the black swordsman arc.

The Count

The second apostle Guts battles, he became one when he sacrificied his wife to the god-hand when he seen her taking part in a pagan orgy.


A brutal criminal employed as a soldier in extreme circumstances. He leads the Black Dog knights in Berserk.

Zodd Nosferatu

Zodd "The Immortal" is an apostle who has lived for many years and fought countless battles. Defeated by Griffith he now has replaced Guts in the New Hawks.

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