Aoi Sakuraba

Aoi Sakuraba is a anime/manga character in the Ai Yori Aoshi franchise
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"Aoi's grandest wish is to be with Kaoru-sama!"

Aoi is the primary female protagonist of the series. She's generally very shy and demure, addressing Kaoru as "Kaoru-sama". Also, she's usually portrayed wearing a kimono; specifically, an indigo one. Because she's a very good cook and keeps her house in a very clean state, she's seen as a Yamato Nadeshiko (traditional Japanese beauty). Unlike other female leads in harem anime, she works to control her jealousy and is generally successful. She's very devoted to Kaoru, however, and will do all in her power to prevent being separated from him. She jumps at every chance to go shopping with him or sneak into his room.
In the beginning, Aoi was willing to warm him when he had a fever, becoming nude in the process (she made sure he wasn't looking). When Aoi, Kaoru, and Miyabi moved to the Sakuraba's summer estate the public appearance Miyabi wanted was that Aoi would be the landlady, herself the manager, and Kaoru a tenant. When Tina Foster moved in, Aoi and Miyabi became a real landlord and manager. Aoi has a quiet but strong willfulness. Many viewers have mistaken this for weakness or subservience due to her mild temperament. She has a "bad" habit of clutching things in her sleep. She is shown doing this to both Kaoru and Tina. (Tina teases her about this, claiming she thought she'd have to become a lesbian to survive sleeping in the same bed as Aoi.)
Aoi looks up to Miyabi because of the years they spent together with Miyabi serving as her guardian, teacher and mentor. Aoi and Miyabi  used to bathe together when Aoi was a child and she became very upset when Miyabi told her this could no longer be. She loves Miyabi despite her harsh discipline and cold demeanor. Her respect is so deep that she wants to have Miyabi assist her in learning how to discipline her and Kaoru's future children. Aoi is fond of all the other girls, even bratty Mayu-chan. She is the one who convinces Miyabi to let Taeko work in the household and helps her keep her job there. She teaches Mayu how to cook and how to wear kimono. She seems most at odds with Tina, her polar oppisite, but they seem the closest of all by the end of the series. She is looked up to by Tina, Taeko, Chika, Chizuru and Natsuki.
Aoi's given name (aoi) has the same pronunciation as the Japanese word for "blue" (青), but the kanji used (葵) translates to "hollyhock". Her surname (桜庭 sakuraba) means "cherry-blossom garden", and her given name means "hollyhock flower".
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Ayako Kawasumi
Michelle Ruff
Rank Game #1113 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Aoi Sakuraba
Name: 桜庭 葵
Romanji: Sakuraba Aoi
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Ai Yori Aoshi #1
1st anime episode: Ai Yori Aoshi #1
1st anime movie:
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