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Moe rice, moe Buddhist gods, you name it and Japan will stick a cute little anime girl's face on it to help it sell. The latest such product? Batteries!

At least with this one they picked a well-known artist, Aoi Nishimata, who did character designs for Shuffle!, among other projects (including moe watermelons). She's designed a maid who comes in blonde and dark (blue? black?) haired variants, which are available as a regular pack of AAs and a special phone-charging battery pack. Nishimata is apparently just one of several artists who are working on the battery line, and Nishimata herself says the list of artist is "a bunch of really famous names."

I wonder how much more expensive than regular batteries these will be. What artist would have to be featured for YOU to pay a few extra bucks for your batteries? I can think of a few ( Takeshi Obata, Fumi Yoshinaga, etc).
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Kouta Hirano.
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Nishimata's really marketing herself... didn't she do the rice bags for that one town not too long ago too?
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so...............they are vibrater battery's? lol
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Yamashita or T2:)
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2 AAs isn't enough power for my sexbot!  I need, like, 1000!  *ahyuk, yuk yuk*
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