Anxiety And Anticipation

Anxiety And Anticipation is an anime episode of Bakuman. that was released on 11/20/2010

Anxiety and Anticipation Episode 8

Anxiety and Anticipation (不安と期待) Fuan to Kitai

With their latest defeat, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi aim to take the Tezuka Award in September, which only gives them less than thirty days to enter. As they come up with new ideas for their entry, their classmates begin to notice odd changes in both of them. Problems arise when several things turn sour in both of their lives that may come back to haunt them.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Blue Bird by Kobukuro

Hisashi Sasaki and Yujiro Hattori are still trying to collect themselves after Eiji Nizuma makes his demands for going to Tokyo. Sasaki decides to allow it but only after Nizuma knows what it feels like to work in the professional manga industry for a while. Eiji agrees to go then to Tokyo as he prepares. Meanwhile, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi decide that they will aim for the Tezuka Award which is at the end of the month, reasoning that if they work hard on it around the clock then they would have a sure fire shot at winning this time around. The problem is is that they need a name in order to go through with it. Miho Azuki and Kaya Miyoshi both notice that the two are working around the clock on something, the former knowing what is truly going on.

Hattori reviews Hundred Millionth with good results
Hattori reviews Hundred Millionth with good results

Mashiro worries about Takagi since he starts to pull all nighters in order to come up with a good idea. Luckily, Takagi strikes it with a new idea titled "One in a Hundred Million" which tells the story of a dystopian future where people are ranked by a super computer which results in a war between humans and machines. They agree that is the one they should go with as they spend a bit of time brainstorming about what should be in it and how it should flow and other details. They get to work on the entry as they continue to discuss ideas for it such as putting in light sabers and machine assassins a la Terminator. They take to heart all the advice Akira Hattori gave them the last time as they put their heart and soul into getting it done a day before the final deadline for entries.

Hattori reads over it and it taken aback by how much the two of them have improved over a few months. He was worried that the two would stop when they heard they didn't win last month but he sees that it actually gave them support and encouragement to do better the next time. He compliments the story and other ideas as Mashiro wonders why he didn't say anything about the art. Even though Takagi tells him that they both did their best, he feels as if that if they don't win, it'll be because of his art. The two try to continue to work to produce more names but both find that they are unable to concentrate on work but rather the contest.

A month goes by as Takagi gets a call from Hattori with news about the contest. It turns out that their entry made it into the final eight of the Tezuka Award and that they have a 50% chance of winning. The two dream about making it big as they realize now with this news, they can't really pay attention to making anything else until they hear back in November about if they won any of the prizes. However, at this time, Mashiro notices how much this is affecting Takagi as he drops from the first ranked in the class to the third ranked with everyone wondering what happened. Mashiro is concerned about this as Takagi tries to reassure him. Things go by normally until they get another call from Hattori telling them that even though they made it to the final eight, they did not win. It turns out Eiji Nizuma turned in two manuscripts for the Tezuka Award.

Takagi mad Takagi smash
Takagi mad Takagi smash

Even though they are beat, Takagi says that they shouldn't let something like that keep them down if they are going to get an anime by the time they turn eighteen. Mashiro agrees as they get back to work. Things go awry though when Hidemitsu Ishizawa comes by the day the Tezuka Award is announced to the public. He chastises Mashiro for submitting something he claims isn't manga art and now knows what Takagi was doing that caused him to fall in the class ranking. Everyone in ear shot listens to Ishizawa berate Mashiro for his art abilities which annoy Takagi, Azuki, and Miyoshi. Mashiro tells Takagi that its nothing worth getting mad about since he does need to improve his art. Ishizawa claims Takagi should team up with him since he is a better artist despite the fact he has never drawn an actual manga before. Enraged at his insults, Takagi beats up Ishizawa, demanding an apology for Mashiro as Miyoshi and Mashiro try to break it up.

Ending Theme

Bakurock ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ ( Bakurock ~未来の輪郭線~ Bakurock: Outline the Future) by Ta-Kyim

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Tomoyuki Shitaya Character Artist/Designer Character designer for Bakuman and KissXSis (TV)
Noriaki Akitaya Director Noriaki Akitaya is an anime episode director who worked on the Code Geass series.
Takeshi Obata Original Concept Illustrator of Death Note.
Tsugumi Ohba Original Concept The mysterious author of the supernatural thriller Death Note.
Kenichi Kasai Director
Reiko Yoshida Writer
Yuniko Ayana Writer A writer for animes.
Audio Highs Music Composer for Gintama and Bakuman.


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