Do stern characters count?

Topic started by SilverZeo on May 30, 2011. Last post by sickVisionz 3 years, 10 months ago.
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Do super stern characters count as Anti-Heroes, like military men that live by a code of conduct.
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Not all of them.
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The way I see it, anti-heroes are people that try and achieve their noble goals by questionable means, whereas anti-villains try and achieve their questionable goals by noble means. It's all about the means to an end; sternness has little to do with it.
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@SilverZeo: I'd say that "super stern" characters, as you put it, are actually more like classic heroes rather than anti-heroes. Think about it: "Lawful Good" heroes live life according to a rigid code of conduct, be it honour, law, or religious beliefs. They're more likely to "Do the Right Thing" regardless of the circumstances, rather than doing the right thing "accidentally", like an anti-hero. 
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@SilverZeo: I don't think sternness is a factor at all when determining if someone is an anti-hero. An anti-hero has major major negative issues with either what they want to do or how they're doing it. Being stern is like being strict and not mincing your words. That doesn't make someone an anti-hero, that just makes them stern.

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