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Antagonist is a anime/manga concept
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Adjudant Black

Agent Smith

The main antagonist in the series of The Matrix, he is Neo's rival and arch-nemesis. Once used to be an Agent in the Matrix, but turned rogue program after Neo destroys him in the first movie.


a new villain in the Ben 10: ultimate alien series


Ain is a member of the pirate crew of Z in the New World.


Main villain of Samurai Jack

Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy is a new character of Kuroshitsuji II and apparently the main villain in the series.


Beautiful and deadly leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, the main rival of Canaan after killing her mentor. She claims her biggest strength is not giving in to emotional impulses like Canaan.


Ameno-sagiri is a being within the Midnight Channel and the creator of the Shadows. It believes itself to be the granter of a human's deepest desire.


Amon is the enigmatic leader of The Equalists in Republic City.He is actually a waterbender and bloodbender named Noatok son of Yakone and older brother of Tarrlok.

Android 13

Android 13 is the main villain of movie 7 "Super android 13". Can the Z Fighters put this Android to rest or will Dr.Gero's legacy be fulfilled after death.


A new villain in D. Gray Man he is a living innocence obessod to protect the heart and one of the top villains of the series.


Sister of Medusa.She is the second main villain of Soul Eater.


Kishin that's scared of many things.The most dangerous and strongest villain in Soul Eater.


Also known as the Yellow Eyed Demon, he is the antagonist of Supernatural.


A parasite who desires nothing more than to see the destruction of all Saiyans


Beerus is one of 12 gods of destruction in the Dragon Ball Multiverse and is feared as the God of Destruction Bills. He is the strongest villain the Z Fighters have ever fought.


Bilić is a cruel Marine commander.


Bins is a member of the Pirate crew of Z from the New World.


Main villain of dragon ball movie 9

Bowser The Koopa King

Bowser is the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series, and Mario's archenemy. His plans mostly includes kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. With his trademark fire breath, nobody can stop the great Koopa King! He can also play sports during his free time.


Known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is a non-canon character who only appears in a couple of movies and various Dragon Ball video games.


Buffalo is a member of Don Quixote Family who ate the Spin-Spin Fruit.

Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is a mad scientist with a bounty of 300,000,000 beri and a former colleague of the famous Dr. Vegapunk. Caesar is famous for his creation of weapons of mass murder.


Cell dubbed The Perfect Warrior is an Android of great power who possesses all the cells of the greatest fighters of all time

Charles di Britannia

Charles di Britannia is the 98th emperor of Britannia. He believes that only the strong shall survive. He holds the Geass that rewrites the memories of others. With his twin brother, V.V.; they sought to bring about Ragnarok Connection.

Claude Faustus

The Trancy butler and main Antagonist from Kuroshitsuji II.

Cobra Commander

Leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He also makes a guest star appearance in Transformers. He has been the main villain of most G.I. Joe series, and has grown only more evil and darker over the years.

Commandant Raymond

Commandant Raymond is corrupt head officer of the Spanish Army in California, and an enemy of Zorro.

Commander Red

The leader of the Red Ribbon army, Red seeks the Dragonballs for his own selfish desires.


Cooler is the older and more powerful brother of Frieza.


The Mayor of Daten City.


Leader of the Renegade GoBots

Daiju Mononobe

Daiju Mononobe is the CEO of Ato Institutes and Selecao Number I as well as the mastermind behind the missile attacks on Japan.

Dark Lord

Petra Fina's boss and one of the main antagonists of the series who resides in the Land of Dread. He was the one responsible for scattering the Time Shifters across time following his attack on the Land of Time. He also turned four flowers into his Great Four


Daruma cookie-cutter shark fishman and an officer of the New Fishman Pirates.


The main villain of Teen Titans, never actually called Deathstroke in the anime, but rather just by his first name Slade.


Emperor of the Decepticons in Transformers Victory

Devil Z

God of the Decepticons, appears in the Masterforce series of Transformers. Devil Z is an energy being.


Diagon is a Squid like alien creature that took a form of a dragon.


Dio is one of three robots sent by Braiking Boss to kill Luna. After the Ruin, he sets his sights on finding Casshern, with Leda at his side.

Dio Brando

Main antagonist in JoJo Bizarre Adventure since the beginning.

Director Kakuzawa

The main villain of Elfen lied. He seeks to become a “God of the new race” and is willing to use his research, black mail, bribery and unlimited Government funds to advance his goals.


Discord is the spirit of disharmony that seeks revenge on Celestia and Luna for imprisoning him.


Along with her sister Saya, Diva is a Chiropteran queen-- but unlike Saya, she favors Chiropteran dominance over humans.

Doctor Doom

Female counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality. Sister of the Black Panther of the Marvel Mangaverse reality.



Dosun is a hammerhead shark fish-man and an officers of the New Fish-Man Pirates.

Doto Kazahana

Dotō Kazahana is the corrupt lord of the Land of Snow who took power by murdering his kind brother and hiring rogue ninja.

Dr Wheelo

Mad Scientist of Dragon Ball Z.

Dr. Eggman

Sonic the hedgehog's arc nemesis. Eggman is just a nickname, his true name is Robotnik.

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