Winter Watch Anthology: Another

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Winter Watch: Another #1

Who would have guessed that spending 25 minutes in the dark with a dead school girl could be so good?

Summary: Fresh out of the hospital, Kouichi begins attending Yomiyama North Middle School where he meets a mysterious girl names Mei Misaki.

Winter Watch: Another #2

He just learned that the call came from inside the house.

Summary: Kouichi continues to mingle with the students in his class and does some investigating of his own, which leads him to a doll shop that Mei frequents.

Winter Watch: Another #3

This episode features some of the most shocking umbrella usage seen since Mary Poppins.

Summary: Kouichi discovers the ghost story surrounding Class 3 and one of his classmates shows why your parents always told you not to run while holding sharp objects.

Winter Watch: Another #4

What?!?!? But if we help you and people stop dying, what will the show be about?

Summary: Kouichi continues his search for answers after Yukari's death. Meanwhile, Sanae redefines what it means to have a dropped call.

Winter Watch: Another #5

Another one bites the dust.

Summary: Kouichi finally unravels the mystery surrounding his class.

Winter Watch: Another #6

A little Pulp Fiction inspired dancing and budding teen romance makes everything better.

Summary: Kouichi and Mei's relationship grows as they bond over their nonexistence.

Winter Watch: Another #7

It hasn't rained blood like this since the rave scene in Blade.

Summary: After Class 3's countermeasures fail, Kouichi and Mei rejoin the class and search for another way to stop the calamity.

Winter Watch: Another #8

The requisite beach episode that ends up as a nice change of pace.

Summary: Kouichi and friends head off to the beach for some fun in the sun but find that everything isn't as peaceful and serene as they hoped it would be.

Winter Watch: Another #9 & #10

Even with one eye closed you can see what's coming from a mile away.

Summary: Death continues to swirl around the students of Class 3 as Kouichi and friends discover a way to stop the calamity.

Winter Watch: Another #11 & #12

"Out in the streets, they call it muuuuuuurder."

Summary: The entire class finds out about the "kill the dead person" rule and goes on a murder spree during their class trip.

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