Another World: Kyou Chapter

Another World: Kyou Chapter is an anime episode of Clannad After Story that was released on 07/01/2009

Plot Summary

An alternate story that focuses on Tomoya’s relation with Ryou and Kyou Fuyibayashi.

With the help of her sister, Ryou confesses her love for Tomoya, he accepts and they begin to date. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that Kyou is also in love with Tomoya, but for the sake of her sister’s happiness she decides to hide her true feelings.

One day Kyou and Tomoya meet by casualty in a park. He reveals to her that Kyou and him haven’t kissed, she sees this as an opportunity and tells him they should practice, Tomoya agrees, but just before they kiss she backs out. Unfortunately for them, they were being watched, so the rumor that he is cheating his girlfriend with her sister spreads through their school.

To counter this rumor Kyou confesses to Youhei, however he can see that it’s just a lie and makes her realize that she is actually in love with Tomoya, who accidentally overheard the whole conversation. Now his emotions are all mixed up and he doesn’t know whether he should keep up a fake love with Ryou or confess to Kyou.

Ryou realizes the trouble that’s bothering both Tomoya and her sister so she decides to confront her. Knowing that Tomoya will never truly love her she tells Kyou that if she really loves him she shouldn’t run away. In the end, Tomoya and Kyou confess their love for eachother and start a relationship

Characters & Voice Actors

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