Another Training Camp!

Another Training Camp! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 06/04/2009

Plot Summary

Ui meets with Azusa after school for the first time. They eat and discuss the Light Music Club’s upcoming training camp. Ui asks about her sister’s behavior in the club. Azusa and Ui hold very different opinions on Yui. Azusa says she would much rather have Mio as an older sister. She adds that Ritsu is irresponsible and sketchy. Ritsu pops out from behind and surprises the girls. Azusa asks Ritsu if Mugi’s family is really rich; Ritsu calls Mugi’s home and a butler answers confirming the fact that her family is rich.

At school the next day, Ritsu and Yui ask Sawako if she would like to come to the Light Music Club’s practice camp. Sawako declines saying she never gets a break as a teacher. Yui and Ritsu walk off affronted and mention the fun things planned for the trip making Sawako regret her decision.

Mio and Azusa go shopping together at the mall. Azusa asks what she should bring to the camp. The meet Ritsu and Yui who are looking at swimsuits. Ritsu claims they won’t play the entire time, but Azusa refuses to believe her.

The girls are wowed by the size of Tsumugi’s summer house--this one being bigger than the last. Ritsu and Yui run out in their swimsuits to play on the beach. Mio yells at them to practice first and demands a vote be taken. Predictably, Yui and Ritsu vote for playtime while Mio and Azusa vote for practice. Mugi breaks the tie by voting for play. The girls spend all day playing at the beach. At the end of the day, Yui and Ritsu whine about practice, saying they just want to eat and sleep. Mio and Azusa chide them. Ritsu teases Azusa, saying she had the most fun because she has the darkest tan out of the group.

The girls finally enter the music room in the house. The room is filled with brand new, high quality equipment. Ritsu instantly gets the motivation to practice. Azusa teaches Yui about pitch. Practice goes well. Then the girls make dinner and eat together. Afterwards they play with fireworks. Once done with the fireworks, Ritsu decides they must have a “test of courage.” Ritsu plots to scare Mio.

Mio and Azusa walk through the forest with only a flashlight. They hear a moaning noise and turn around to see a large, shadowy figure coming towards them. The figure says Mio’s name. Mio screams. The person turns out to be Sawako. She supposedly wanted to surprise the girls by meeting up with them at the training camp, but she got lost. Ritsu sits in the woods wondering why no one is coming in the direction of her trap.

The girls and Sawako all take a bath and go to bed. Azusa comes out of the bathroom and walks down the hall to the practice room. She sees Yui practicing and together work on their guitar playing.

Azusa meets with Ui again after the trip. Ui initially doesn’t recognize Azusa because of her tan. Azusa tells Ui she wished the band had practiced more, but she was glad she went anyway. She adds that she learned more about the other club members, although most her impressions are still the same.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Christine Marie Cabanos ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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