Another Shaman (Dub: Lenny)

Another Shaman (Dub: Lenny) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 07/18/2001

Plot Summary

Another Shaman - もう一人のシャーマン - (Mou Hitori no Shāman)

Released on 7-18-2001

Dub: Lenny

Released on 9-20-2003

Manta sees a strange boy wielding a spear and standing on the roof of a small building in the cemetery. He quickly realizes that the boy is a shaman just like Yoh. Later, he tells Yoh about his discovery, and the discovery does not seem very significant to the easygoing Yoh.

Manta meets the boy again on the crosswalk, but the boy says something cryptic and walks onto the street. Manta yells at him that the traffic signal is red, and a truck is speeding towards him. The boy looks at the truck, commenting how people are such cockroaches, and takes out his spear. The ghost of a Chinese warlord appears, and the boy cleaves the truck in two.

Yoh meets Ren in the middle of the street. The two exchanges some words, but Yoh misunderstands Ren and the trouble he'll bring. Manta follows Yoh when Yoh talks to Amidamaru about Ren and his spirit Bason.

Ryu with his gang stumbles into a cemetery and causes Ren to get angry. Ren defeats Ryu and gang and proceeds to kill Ryu. However, Yoh stops Ren and the two shamans duke it out. In the fight, Ren delivers a heavy blow on Yoh's shoulder. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Points of Interest

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Yoh stops Ren from killing a bystander in the street.
  • In the anime, Yoh stops Ren from killing Ryu in the cemetery.
  • In the anime, Ryu meets Ren in the cemetery unlike the manga, Ryu meets Ren in a abandon house when Ryu and his gang was looking for a hangout/home.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ren Tao ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Romi Paku ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Andrew Rannels ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Manta Oyamada ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Inuko Inuyama ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Oliver Wyman ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Yoh Asakura ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Yuuko Satou ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (None)
Sebastian Arcelus ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Amidamaru ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Katsuyuki Konishi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (None)
Sean Schemmel ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Bason ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Shinichi Kotani ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
David Brimmer ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (None)


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Hiroyuki Takei Original Concept Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.
Seiji Mizushima Director
Katsuhiko Koide Series Composition
Akio Takami Character Artist/Designer
Toshiyuki Omori Music


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