Announcing Checkmate at Dyed-Gray Chess

Announcing Checkmate at Dyed-Gray Chess is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 06/24/2011

Episode Commentary

Beginning of Spring, 1925

 Victorique encaptured.
 Victorique encaptured.

Victorique is under control of the Ministry of the occult, and in a nun's garb, playing chess. The rest of Europe prepares for war, as Germany has gained control of Poland. However, in the Palace, King Rupert announces that his country shall not take part in the war, but  be a stalwart of peace. 
 King Rupert addressing his counsel.
 King Rupert addressing his counsel.

Albert De Blois appears, and unmasks Jupiter Roget's identity as a gray wolf, and part of the Kingdom of Seyrun, along with his memento box. He had befriended the previous king, and became the leader of the Ministry of Science. according the Ablert, through the "trump card" that he had forcibly removed from his daughter, he determined that Roget had planned to take over Saubure and Re-establish Seyrun.
 The king asks Roget if this is true. however, he cuts the power to the building and escapes. Albert lets him escape, saying that the only course for the wolf is death by strangulation. meanwhile, Victorique, using the chessboard, predicts the start of another battle.
 Cordelia and the Roscoe brothers.
 Cordelia and the Roscoe brothers.
In the skies of Saubure, army planes are spotted, with the ground forces causing a panicked rush among the civilians to clear the road. in the process, a young boy is separated from his mother, but is found and reunited thanks to Cordelia.she tells the mother not to let go of the child's hand, and mutters to herself, that if you let go, the soul goes with it.
The Roscoe brothers tell Cordelia that they will protect her, but Cordelia insists that she must protect Victorique, as she is her soul, and she cannot abandon her daughter to her present fate. 
 Cecile's last class.
 Cecile's last class.
Back at the academy, Avril tells Cecile that she is leaving for England, anf Cecile tries to make her last class lively. however, almost all of the students have been sent home, and the classroom is empty. as Avril arrives at the station, however, the undergound mob calling for Monstre Charmant has defaced the trains, and Avril is unable to travel, and thinks of Kazuya and Victorique.
Grevil arrives at Superintendant Signore's house, on behalf of the Occult. however, Jaqueline enters, and tearfully asks why he sent Kazuya back to Japan deceiving her. as he leeaves, he recalls to himself that he is only doing his duty as heir and the eldest son, yet shows regret for his actions.
Albert has informed the king that Saubure shall now fight alongside the Germans in the war. however, the King is very reluctant to go forward, musing on the suffering and heartache that the war will cause his people. however, the Marquis reminds the king of his murdering of Coco Rose's maid (disguised as Coco Rose), and that his blood stained hands can not be cleansed, but further soaking it in blood shall not cause anything to fear, and this time, they will be soaked for the sake of righteousness, and convinces him.
The marquis' subordinates inform him of the majority of the country showing loyalty to him, but notices a crowd gathered outsede, who follow Le Monstre Charmant. this subordinates tell him that it is best to remove the monster's heart, but he says he will capture her alive. 
 Albert Bites Victorique's ear.
 Albert Bites Victorique's ear.
Victorique, in chess, mentions the white queen moving east, and mentions the black knight before being interrupted by Albert. The Marquis informs Victorique with the change to the Axis allegiance. he also tells her that he has filled the place with books, just like her tower. she mentions that the books have even allowed her to determine his scheme, the create the homonculi that he wanted, thanks to the inspiration of Leviathan. 
Due to the revelation of the Leviathan's tricks to him, he realized that he could use the guise of the occult to control the populus, making most of the citizens the "hominculi" of his plan. he agrees, even telling her that the king is also a pawn, with the Science Academy ostracized, and even Victorique was under his control. grabbing her and biting her ear, he tells her her blood, flesh, mind and even her wellspring of wisdom were his and created for his use. after he leaves, she drops the black knight piece in her hand, saying despite the chamber having all the books and knowledge from the tower, "you're" not here.
 Cecile and Sophie leave the academy.
 Cecile and Sophie leave the academy.
at the Academy, Cecile was leaving after clearing out Victorique's house, bringing out the two strawberry gifts that Kazuya had given to Victorique. Cecile meets Sophie at the end, telling her that she's now unemployed. Sophie offers to let her stay at her place for a while. as they drive along, Cecile swears that she will find the kids after the war is over, and Sophie offers to help, when the time comes.

Winter, 1925

 Kazuya in the Army.
 Kazuya in the Army.
  Kazuya is now a soldier in the Imperial Army training in the North, and is having a rough time. he constantly thinks of Victorique. he wore the ring he got from Christmas as a memento of her around his neck, but his senoir officer would not allow it. he and Kazuya fought over it, but Kazuya, regardless of how badly beaten he was, refused to hand it over. he says that the ring gives him strength. at the same time, Victorique says the Pendant he gave her also gives her strength.
Grevil enters, with Victorique saying he has become exactly like his father. he tells her that there would be a ceremony honoring the Marquis as the new prime Minister of Saubure, ans she will be paraded. he gives her a black dress reminiscent of the one used in her Monstre Charmant coustume. while looking in the mirror, she sheds tears, and remembers Kazuya's words: "As long as you have this pendant, I'll always be at your side!"  the door opens and she looks across.
 "Monstre Charmant" reveals her true identity.
 "Monstre Charmant" reveals her true identity.
Prime Minister De Blois addresses the populous, saying that the ancient Europe is gone, and a new one emerges. he states that he is able to bring the future of Saubure, as the Monstre Charmant is at their side, pointing to Victorique. as the crowds chants for her, she walks forwards, and porcaims that she has nothing to promise, not the way that the country is, and pionts out Albert as the deal for their destruction. the then takes off the veil, and its revealed that it actually is Cordelia, and she had allowed Victorique to escape and switched places with her.
 Roscoe detonates bombs the stage.
 Roscoe detonates bombs the stage.
one of the Roscoe brothers takes away Victorique, but stops the carriage, grabbing her, blaming her for Cordelia's impending death. Cordelia tells Albert that she hasn't forgotten his treatment of her, and in order to prepare her child for "her first bath" there is need of fire. at the same time. bombs near the stage are detonated, and a fight to the death between Albert and Cordelia begins. 
 Cordelia battles Albert to the death.
 Cordelia battles Albert to the death.
The Roscoe brother carrying Victorique is so infuriated by the impending loss of both Cordelia and his brother that he tries to kill Victorique. at the same time, the other roscoe is in a gunfight with the guards.
 Cordelia and Albert die.
 Cordelia and Albert die.
 Albert tells Cordelia that he should've finished her off when he had the chance. however, Cordelia tells him she does not want him interfering with her daughter, and stabs him. however, one of his subordinates, who just killed Roscoe, rushes to her, and fatally slashes her, but not before Cordelia is able to kill him in defense. in her dying moments, says "fire, burn".
 Cordelia's final moments.
 Cordelia's final moments.

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